First Ingame Forza 2 Screenshots?

Two screenshots surfaced on the internet this weekend, that some believe are the first ingame screens of Forza Motorsport 2 for the Xbox360. The official comment from the Forza team is as follows:

"Right now, questions abound -- are they fake? Are they real? Is that really what FM2 is going to look like when it's spooling up in my Xbox 360? Yadda yadda. Unfortunately, the only official answer I have at this time is this: Since these screenshots were not officially released by Turn 10 and Microsoft, I cannot confirm nor deny whether these are indeed real. Yeah I know, whiskey tango foxtrot."

Turn 10 is going to officially release the first ingame screens of Forza 2 on Tuesday so we will know if these are real soon enough.

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jib5873d ago

looking forward to this game. i hope this is fake 'cause those screenshots look nasty

zapzone5873d ago

Maybe these are real, maybe not. They look very nice anyway to me. The first screenshot may be from a replay with post-processing effects enabled or something.

TheMART5873d ago

There is an update:

"Update : I'm still quite convinced these images are real, but they are most likely from an old build. Since Turn10 announced that they will put online some official images on Tuesday, I'll remove these 3 screens and will put them back online again with the new ones as a comparison."

MoonDust5873d ago

Therefore they could be real or fake, next Tuesday real images will be released.

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