Need for Speed ProStreet PC demo released

Electronic Arts has released the 796 MB long PC demo of Need for Speed ProStreet.

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NRG4867d ago

If it's the same as the 360 demo, it's hardly anything special. I think we all saw that coming though. Moderately entertaining.

Bonsai12144867d ago

i'm not a big fan of street racing in general. i wish it'd go back to the hot pursuit days where you had to outrun the law. that was fun. NFS2:HP was one of the most fun racers i've played.

C_SoL4867d ago

NFS(III):Hot Pursuit...but i get the point..ya those were back in the good old days when i had my first playstation. i loved that game..hopefully they get it out on the PS store...

hotrider124867d ago

NEED FOR SPEED PROSTREETS SUCKS if anyone buy this game is a dam fool
like the guy above me said EA need to go back to hot pursuit and make a hot pursuit 3 and high stakes 2. most wanted sucked and carbon suck big time (no cops) "that made need for speed a challenge"

C_SoL4867d ago

carbon does have cops. i still have the game. idk i thought Most Wanted was hella tight, Carbon was alright, & then came prostreet. i played the demo on the PS3 and it fu<kin sucks. like i said EA your ruining the NFS series..

xplosneer4867d ago

Agreed. It went from an inventive outrun the law game in NFSIII:HP, and Most Wanted was even better IMO, but carbon drifted towards just more racing and less cops(No replay value-impossible to get money after beaten-$800 a race) to this, no open world, and now they are competing against games more like PGR4, which kills ProStreet. Also, IMO, the games way WAY too easy. On king mode I beat the 2nd place car by twenty a two lap race....

hotrider124867d ago

hmmm?? what do that tell us. if you can beat the demo game "prostreet" how hard can it be with the full version?? a friend of mines beat the new ratchet and clank game in one fvcking day
boy these games are to easy to beat now days. I just found out last night carbon has cops and I had that game over a year, it just sucks so bad thats why I really have not played to find out cops was in it.
but anyway carbon and most wanted is still not like hp 2 I think I'll skip prostreet til hp 3 and high stakes 2 come out

ShiftyLookingCow4867d ago

yup I agree Most Wanted was okay but in terms of fun HP and HS were just off the roof, they even had cool car mods(unofficial) for them. The fun I have with PGR is similar to HS but we badly need a real up to date HP remake with all those cool fictional settings and music that you actually want to hear when playing the game(HP2 wasnt that good either).

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