Lost Planet PS3 Capcom Gamers' Day 07 Direct Feed Trailer

Let the fantastic story and incredible graphics suck you in to the world of Lost Planet.

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IdontTakeSides4865d ago

Lost Planet gets no love from me..!!

mighty_douche4865d ago

just never posted a story before :)

IdontTakeSides4865d ago

kk i'll do yah the fav i'll approve..!!

barom4864d ago

how's the story on this game?

the trailer got me a bit interested.

C_SoL4865d ago

its just another port to the PS3 which it doesn't deserve......give us something new CAPCOM.....not this piece of sh*t.

CrazzyMan4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

the port looks for now like a sh1t.
hey come on capcom, you give us this game, but this is just crappy port, well atleast you should make good port.
oblivion had 1 year, and it was improved over x360 version and pc version without mods.

just give us good game, DMC4 look better, RE5 looks much more better, then This.

ichimaru4865d ago

stop blaming CAPCOM, you had nothing from the 360 and now at least you have a 360 exclusive. what more could you want, Dead Rising?? lol

C_SoL4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

we don't want a sh*tty game from CAPCOM that was once a 360 exclusive....360 owners even said that this game was sh*tty....Why does the PS3 deserve a sh*tty 360 once exclusive? all im saying is that this game is sh*tty, no good, & im not getting it..i recommend other PS3 owners not to get it. you'll be disappointed. also i bet you anything when this game comes out, its gonna get a bad review from gamer websites, worst then the 360, they always do it. just to give the PS3 a bad name & you can not deny it..

felman874865d ago

Capcom should bundle Lost Planet and Dead Rising onto 1 disk. That would get me to buy it.

abuze4865d ago

Even if both Lost Planet and Dead rising was bundled together in one disc i would not buy them. There both Garbage... Bring back Monster Hunter!

KS19854865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

Actually, sony did have Devil May Cry 4 as a PS3 exclusive, but than capcom decided to bring it to 360 as well.

I really shouldn't be bother about this, but it would be nice to see a capcom make a game using only the PS3 technology instead of using there original PC equipment as they did with there recent Next-Gen titles.

either way, rather then buy this game, I'm going to rent it.

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The story is too old to be commented.