PS3 title Devil May Cry 4 No. 1 at Japan retailer

Capcom Co.'s Devil May Cry 4 ranked as the top-selling title based on advanced orders Fri. at Amazon Japan.

The next installment of the Devil May Cry series will be released exclusively for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 on Jan. 31, 2008.

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MADGameR4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

I think its either #1 Only the PS3 version is coming out to Japan, #2 The official date was Feb 5th so it could be the PS3 version is coming out Jan 31st and the 360 version was delayed? (Timed exclusive) DMC4 would be a waste in Japan for the 360.

felman874490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Punch Jump just as it wrong

EDMIX4490d ago

This is not a timed Exclusive, its delayed because the PS3 version was made first, thats all, they (sony)does not need to have timed exclusives in japan, the 360 sells like what 18,000, PS3 47,000.

Don't waste the money, all the PS3 japan games will always do better then the 360 games, HotShots golf sold like 450,000 in pre-orders. Blue Dragon sold like 350,000, in like two months.

IdontTakeSides4490d ago

im wondering the same thing...someone didn't get the memo..

EDMIX4490d ago

No it must be a type-o.

xhi44490d ago

"Devil May Cry series will be released exclusively for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 on Jan. 31, 2008"


did something change? Or are they releasing it exclusive to the ps3 in japan or something?

so confused.

Husso4490d ago

In japan it will might only be on PS3.

Real gamer 4 life4490d ago

There must be something wrong here. i hast to be a mistake.

power of Green 4490d ago

Just watered down info. I can find sites right now that claim War Devil is still coming out for the 360. This is after all a Japanese favorite, you do the math on which console will sell more copies once this is corrected assuming this info isn't correct.

mighty_douche4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

but not every thing is about money, especially to the japanese.

but still yeah your probably right i doubt its exclusive.

gunnerforlife4490d ago

whether they change it or not the ps3 version is gone sell 3 times more then the 360 version in japan

power of Green 4490d ago

Having trouble understanding my post?. Hope you didn't dissagree I know you're not an idiot.

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The story is too old to be commented.