No 1080p Movies For Low-End PS3

Sony has confirmed on its official PlayStation 3 site that the low-end $500 PlayStation 3 configuration will not be able to play Blu-Ray movies in their full 1080p resolution. Playback of Blu-Ray discs at 1080p requires an HDMI connection, which the $500 model lacks.

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Eternal E 8085873d ago

i think with no hdmi means no 1080p for any thing games ect.

signal3605873d ago

No it doesn't. In fact the post here is a little miss leading (just a tad bit), you can still watch 1080p movies on the lower priced verison. Just not with all the DRM flags flying. Meaning, when the studios decide to limit some movies they will be able to do so. And you can't watch those. But, this isn't likely for a few years due to a recent pack the studios have made to not do so for the first few years.

ugh.. I hope I'm clear enough on this for you guys. :/

Thugbot1875872d ago

We have no idea when the studios are going to do this. Also it is a guaranty that they are going to do it. The reason why so many supported Blu-Ray is because they got to pick add in there two cents on copy protection. This just takes away from the whole argument this is a cheap Blu-Ray player.

calderra5872d ago

Sony exec: "The two SKUs of the Xbox 360 are not the same console- they have different functionality. The two PS3 versions are truly the same console with the same features."

Just sayin'.

Eternal E 8085872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

both 360's are the same and dont have different functionalitys the only difference is that the core dont have a HDD and crome disc tray and the premium dose so wtf are you talkiN about.

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BIadestarX5873d ago

Predictable... Sony will slowly keep removing features all the way until november.

CAPS LOCK5873d ago

they are not removing any feuters, i knew this so long ago, i mean since the 2 skus where released i knew that for sure.

bernie5873d ago

....and leave movies for HD DVD, it's obviously the better movie format anyway and is outselling the bluray thing 4:3.
Anyone with any common sense is going for HD DVD for movies, better price and better spec Take a look:-


GRUNT5872d ago (Edited 5872d ago )

what if you had 40-50 gigs of home videos and didn't want to use 2 HD-DVD's(or more)?