Tales' Voice Actress Tomoko Kawakami Passes Away

Veteran video game and anime voice actress Tomoko Kawakami recently passed away after a long bout of illness. She had been suffering from ovarian cancer since 2008.

Kawakami was best known amongst the gaming community for having performed voices for the Tales series, Skies of Arcadia, The Legend of Dragoon, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and the Bleach series.

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Lavalamp2665d ago

She had a lovely voice. I'll never forget her incredible talent.

Pozzle2665d ago

So sad to hear of yet another death in the game/anime world. :(


clearelite2665d ago

Very unusual at her age, yet very sad. I hope to catch up on some of her latest work and remember some of the good stuff she did. R.I.P

Simon_Brezhnev2665d ago


I didn't know she did Soifon voice in bleach. Well after going to her wiki she did the voice of a lot of animes i saw.

rezzah2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

That means Soifon won't sound the same which will make her character seem weird.

Edit: her list is impressive, some really well known anime.

Simon_Brezhnev2665d ago

Yeah i also read that she stop doing Soifon for a while now i guess her replacement sounds exactly like her because i didnt know.

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The story is too old to be commented.