Gamers don't watch HD movies

PS3, Xbox 360 owners would rather play games instead. If you believe the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), millions of PlayStation 3 gamers all over the globe are watching movies on their consoles. That's just not true, says HD DVD man Olivier Van Wynendaele, and it doesn't really work for HD DVD movies on the Xbox 360 either.

Van Wynendaele - who's the spokesman for the HD DVD Promotion Group - made the claims during an exclusive interview with conducted yesterday. He also said that the majority of PS3 owners didn't know their consoles could play movies, period.

According to figures from independent research companies and so on, it appears that 60 per cent of games consoles owners don't know they can play movies - either DVD or Blu-ray - in the PS3. That means at least 60 per cent are not active. Even among the remaining 40 per cent... 13 per cent are actually using their games console as a player, and the rest are not. People are buying their consoles to play games, not to watch movies.

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pwnsause4863d ago

soo, then why is blu-ray dominating in Disc sales while HD-DVD is not? Why did movies like 300 sold better on Blu-ray than its HD-DVD counterpart which has extra "exclusive" features than Blu-Ray? Note on why I Put exclusive in quotes, its was suppose to sell better on HD-DVD than Blu-ray cause of the Extra Features it had. lol these spins get better and better everyday!

Husso4863d ago

Damn rihgt, and i got 5 games 3 Br movies.

hddvd camp is full of retards.

Kleptic4863d ago

Casino Royale was the first BD I bought...when I bought my PS3 I didn't think I would get into BD movie stuff too quickly...but one look at it compared to standard DVD, can't go back...

I have about 100 DVD's...and i am not going to go back an re buy everything in BD as it comes available...but I have pretty much switched to BD from here out for new movies, as long as its available right away...

ruibing4863d ago

Sometimes I feel people no longer have common sense in the face of statistics. Sure they polled a small minority of the consumers and got data for that, but it doesn't explain by the Blu Ray is doing so well. Here's all I know, HD-DVD standalone players are selling well due to their rock bottom price, yet Blu Ray is still dominating as a format. Now I wonder what the missing piece is...

1) Blu Ray owners are extremely attached and buy tons of movies
2) Terrible statistics that are either really old or poorly done

Bottom line, the studios only care about whose buying more movies and we can safely say that's its the Blu Ray owners. I haven't bought movies except for a few anime OVAs for a long, long time, but I have bought half a dozen BD movies to enjoy some of favorite action and Disney flicks. Ok, HD-DVD is doing well in the standalone player war, I guess that deserves a medal? But this is the next gen format war and Blu Ray is selling better. People take notice, words spread, and it will continue.

blackmagic4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

Well 10-15% of ps3's is still 600k-800k active blu-ray users which is significant. Although I think he is making a valid point, what he is leaving out is that those users are a very specific demographic. The majority of them are males, 18-35 years old and this reflects strongly in the titles offered on blu-ray. Sure, 300 sold great on blu-ray but what about classic titles? They practically don't exist!

Sure they have some older titles, Battle of the Buldge, Blazing Saddles, Bullitt, Clockwork Orange, Cowboys, Dirty Dozen, Dog Day Afternoon, Enter the Dragon, Getaway, Searchers, Warriors and The Wild Bunch (which is just about everything on blu-ray before the 80s) but they are all from Warner and also available on HD-DVD. Now look at those titles, they all would sell to young men.

Where are the exclusive classics especially those aimed at different demographics such as The Adventures of Robin Hood, Casablanca and Mutiny on the Bounty? Do you honestly believe these would sell to gamers in general? I can tell you they sell to movie enthusiasts which HD-DVD is atleast trying appeal to.

BTW, I own every title listed here on HD-DVD. In total, I own 63 HD-DVDs and 9 blu-rays and I own stand-alone hd and bd players.

4862d ago
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skagrerrrr4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

i watch hd movies on my pc

Real gamer 4 life4863d ago

That bull infact the reason why blueray is winning is because of the ps3. these guys love to lie to the public. As long as sony's ps3 continue to sell blueray will continue to dominate.

C_SoL4863d ago

even why is he b*tching...hd is the way to go for games..better graphics & hd disks have a larger capacity meaning that theres room for larger worlds & more that means you get more for what you buy...this is a stupid article...

pwnsause4863d ago

I dissagree with this article, regardless, I want to hear peoples opinions about this, so I'll approve it

pswi604862d ago

I DO watch BluRay movies on the ps3, as i got a FREE BLURAY MOVIE WITH IT WHEN I BOUGHT IT. Olivier Van Wynendaele is a coward and a liar.

Hey Oliver, the only console i DONT watch HD movies on is my xbox 360, because im not paying $200.00 when i already got it with the ps3 noob