Super Mario Galaxy Review: "Is A Must-Buy For Anyone That Picks Up A Wii."

It's not every day that we get a new Mario game. I don't mean a soccer game starring Mario or a puzzle game featuring some ancillary Mario character, I mean a balls-to-the-wall, insane platforming, mushroom gulping Mario game.

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Imallvol74865d ago

I have played Mario Galaxy nonstop today. SO MUCH FUN. And this is coming from a guy that HATES the Wii. In fact, I have hated everything I have played on it. (My room mate owns it). HOWEVER, MARIO IS AMAZING. Its really easy, but a ton of fun.

the worst4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

this game is fun ass hell
i should be finish
b4 the game comes out
for retail
(reply) Xi your so right
my Wii been collecting dust
how long is the game who ever
disagreed with me

Xi4865d ago

it's really more along the lines of "Is The Only Must-Buy For Anyone That Picks Up A Wii."

ssbb, is well melee with a fresh coat of paint.

JDW4865d ago

Sure...Galaxy will probably end up being the highest rated game so far but Twilight Princess and Metroid 3 are also amazing games that can be considered essential purchases for most Wii owners.

Your comments aimed at SSBB also seem lacking in research.......have a look at the Smash Bros website. They have added so much to this game such as online, online co-op, level editing/building.....and also a whole stack of new characters. To be honest, it seems to be everything a sequel should be.

Xi4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

First I'd like to put emphasis on this being my opinion.

metroid felt exactly like prime 2, and I hated metroid on the gamecube it was so slow, and so boring, the only thing i liked was that it was just samus, now they have all these other bounty hunters and ugh, to be honest it wasn't anything great or really new(not to mention the lack of a wii ethernet is a downer) except having some superb controls. And I never liked ssb to begin with because I like my fighters to require at least some depth(i'd rather play DOA 4), great party game, but once again I also can't play the game online so it's pretty moot for me.

Truth is that my wii, is an absolute great party machine, drunken wii boxing is absolutely great, but if it weren't for mario galaxy, I would not be playing it this month on my own accord. And that's the truth, the wii only has nintendo, it's 3rd party games are mainly awful, and the first party titles are the same games as their gamecube recreations with a new control scheme. Galaxy looks amazing and is probably the wii's saving grace for me, this and FFCC, and maybe a new original nintendo title.

ShadoWulf4864d ago

You can buy an ethernet adapter. It's not that expensive.

Also, if Metroid isn't your cup of tea, that's fine; it's more focused on exploration and discovery than killing. SSBB has quite a bit of depth to it in my opinion. Sure, it seems simple, and it's meant to be picked up and played (especially the new one), but once you get good at it, you discover that it's very complicated and full of nuances. Plus, the fast-paced action is simply amazing as far as party games go, and in Brawl they've added a full-fledged singleplayer campaign mode with a real story and everything. I'd say it looks like a must-buy.

Still, however, if you don't like these games, that's fine. Glad you like Mario, though.

Armyless4865d ago

(PS. It was never hers to begin with, shhhhh!)

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