360 HD-DVD Add-on Isn't Mainstream

Despite selling 210,000 of its Xbox 360 HD DVD add-ons through September-more than any individual Blu-ray standalone player-Microsoft's strategy is to market the unit as a niche accessory. Read on for more.

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power of Green 4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

Alittle insight on how many people will actually support HD movies with a game console(or able to do so or care for that matter).

Game console won't matter any how starting now and even more so in 2008.

EDIT below: I don't get it, are you saying I'm BloodMask?. Please Please report my account if you think so, have them check it out. Please!!!.

BloodMask isn't an idiot this is why you think what you think.

PS3 Limps on and on4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )


Edit: He changed his name to Argento Montoya. I know that's bloodmask.


POG ain't Bloodmask.

Bloodmask works for CNN.

Antiomo4862d ago

more like a little insight that the xbox community does not really support hd-media, too concerned about price hence they cry that blu-ray is too expensive

its the xbox community that keep crying about how ps3 is too expensive how can you expect them to support expenisve discs that cost 3 times the cost of dvd's

Im not saying all xbox fan's have this view but a good portion bash the blu because its on the ps3 and its TOO expensive.

sovietsoldier4862d ago

people are unsure if bluray or hd will win the war. why pay for something that there will not be anything to play on it? also microsoft has been very poor on support and adverticeing for it. the price is also not that great for what your buying. there are also other things but you get the idea.

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IdontTakeSides4863d ago

yeah sure I bet if it had sold hmm lets say 5 mill ala PS3 you wouldn't be saying that....

DJ4863d ago

is if it came packaged with an HDTV. =P

dale14863d ago

these drives stuck to your 360 will rrod death quicker the heat creative when the drive is attached is killzone

drewdrakes4863d ago

Really? Explain why my year and a half old 360 hasnt RROD'd when i have the HD DVD add on directly ontop of it?

razer4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

Yes, please explain. Although I don't have the HD-DVD add-on I leave the console on all night almost daily..

The RRoD is getting really old.. You do know they have changed the mobo and heatsyncs to remedy the problem??

New material needed.

EDIT: Who in the funk disagree's with me?? Do you know what I do with my 360 better than me?? Is it not true that MS has been using 65nm and new heatsyncs(added a second and enlarged them). This agree/disagree crap is broken.

sak5004862d ago

Unfortunately my 2nd 360 RROD yest. Now i hope i get teh newer version

g4n4863d ago

and ill get one, otherwise its just an LOLbox claiming to be "HD" with a non-HD drive... thats like saying "looks at my sports car Kia!!!"

razer4863d ago

I'd love to hear your defination of what HD means.

Does the 360 not output at 720p and 1080p?? Last time I checked the 360 does both and therefore is an HD machine. The games are what matter for MS while the PS3 wants to be many things. Don't give me some crap that because it has a standard DVD drive that the console is not HD.

MS believes that people buy game consoles to play games and if they really want to play movies there is an optional add-on. If you really want to watch an HD movie you can go to the video marketplace and download an HD movie and watch it and skip the add-on all together. I'm glad they did this because I'm not buying BR or HD-DVD and am watching HD movies just fine streaming from my network, which imo is really where the future of this is going once broadband catches up.

IdontTakeSides4863d ago

We all know that reason why M$ didn't include a built in HD-DVD drive is because it would have up the cost of the 360...and it would have completely kill ne chance of the system becoming a success...if you really think M$ gives a crap about gaming in general think again do some reasearch about why they got involved in the gaming industry...!!

WilliamRLBaker4863d ago

the comments so far have added nothing to the discussion or article, Let alone the fact Microsoft has never advertised the HD DVD player as nothing more then.

Oh and you can get this to play HD DVD its not suprizing.

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