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Worldwide Weekly Hardware Sales Breakdown, Week Ending October 27th

Weekly data for the week ending October 27th, 2007, is now available for all regions. Thanks to some data massaging, the numbers from last week changed a bit from when the article was originally written, so the as-of-now VGChartz' data will be compared from this week to last week.

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Are we gunna get these every single week?
Hooded Vendetta4920d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
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power of Green 4920d ago

Looks like some parts of Europe are evening out already between the PS3 and 360.(UK anybody).

PS3 Limps on and on4920d ago

that's 172k a month. You can argue PS3 sales are rising in the united states.

fake numbers either way.

felman874920d ago

Sony is still heavily dominating 360 in other areas, though, the UK is the expection. Still, I see all consoles being viable business interests, DS, wii, PSP, 360 and yes, even PS3. No dreamcast this round.

rbanke4920d ago


How can that be!?!? I'm seeing almost daily how the ps3 needs saving! this cant be right!


xhi44919d ago

smashed the crap out of the PS3 in America........why is that?

Sony is beating the 360 in every other area but Australia by 10 or something.

But then In America the ps3 get's absolutely smashed. Why? *American located users feel free to answer me*

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pwnsause4920d ago

soo, wow, this actually shows that 360 sells the most in the US

ruibing4920d ago

Well the 40GB just got released today and there are already report of shortages, so hopefully next week we'll see some interesting stuff.

the worst4920d ago (Edited 4920d ago )

ps3 is world wide
(reply) think about it
third party will look at that

blackmagic4920d ago

That's true but you also have to frame that statement.
Total sales Worldwide ps3 = 135,890
Just North American Sales 360 = 139,150

Hopefully the ps3 sales will surge with Uncharted...

PimpHandHappy4920d ago (Edited 4920d ago )

Its stupid to even start talking number because u wont even know what its really selling (PS3) till maybe mid-Dec.

What i want to see is PS3 close the gap with the 360 in NA. I think they have Japan and alot of the EU under wraps. I dont know what the numbers are so im going to put up a hypathetical and yes i cant spell


Lets say the 360:Install base NA=10mil Rest of the world 4mil

Lets say the PS3:Install base NA=5mil Rest of the world 2mil

What i think i will see come Feb April is

360: NA=14 ROW=6
PS3: NA=10 ROW=6

Thats just IMO and im no market guy

Add in KZ MGS Socom GT5 and u see where the end of 08 ends up


IdontTakeSides4920d ago (Edited 4920d ago )

Yup most of the 360 sales in much for it killing the PS3 suprised at the PS2 numbers though but then again im surprised it's still selling so well considering how long it's been out

The PS3 sales shall be picking up...steadily as we approach the holidays...all over the world not just in NA.."take notes xbox fannies"