Gran Turismo 5 : Prologue Screenshots

Screen shots of Gran Turismo 5 : Prologue and the '06 Gran Tursimo Awards Best In Show & Best Hot Rod Winner 1960 Corvette in GT5 Prologue.

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xhi44869d ago

crap. This looks spectacular.........I CAN'T WAIT FOR GT5 WOO :P

Heaven_Or_Hell4869d ago

The 1960 Corvette look so photo-realistic

green_ghost54868d ago

I agree, it brings back memory's of my grandfathers old '58 corvette he had. I have to say after seeing these GT5 looks better than Forza 2. I'm glad that I also have a PS3, even though it's collecting dust right now, it's good to know that I have this to look forward too.

InMyOpinion4869d ago

The details on that Corvette are absolutely stunning.

mighty_douche4869d ago

gorgeous as usual!

i hear this game is upscaled? is that right as i heard the man develper dude state it 1080, also the screen are in 1080 so....?

MUGEN4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

that blog site limits the pixel amount or file size for images. all the original's were 1920x1080 screen captures.

maybe the pictures are from photo mode?

Vojkan4869d ago

At least it is HD not 640 like Halo 3

Bebedora4869d ago

some are sheeps but....nice put none the less.
GT5 looks like nothing else. In my eyes I cannot see anyting better in motorsports. The ps3 is doing well. More so than I and most of us thought.

LSDARBY4869d ago

Yh but the demo doesnt look like that. Hopefuly the final game will. But those pics are doctored cus the game is no where near as smooth and crisp as that.

Anyone who disagrees is in denial.

pwnsause4869d ago

yea, I played the demo, its amazing, but yea, there are a few issues, like shadows inside the car, they're a bit pixelated and theres some screen tearing in the Demo, hopefully this gets fixed, other than that, I cant wait for this game to come out

perseus4869d ago

Maybe you have your TV sharpness up too high. I noticed that when the sharpness was really high it looked like crap, but when I dropped it to the default level it looked amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.