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The California Ruling: Victory For Free Speech Or A Global Double Standard?

Dealspwn takes an unbiased look at the recent Brown vs EMA court case - and reckons that the court ruling is actually a major double standard.

Dealspwn writes: "What I don't agree with, however, is how the ESA and even us gamers are treating the basic concept of regulating violent videogame sales to young people. Here's the thing: this bill wasn't technically trying to ban anything. It wasn't demanding that copies of Bulletstorm and Black Ops should be thrown onto massive bonfires while bible-bashing fanatics dance and chant in the background. The legislation was a nasty first step in a right wing agenda, but at its core, the only suggestion was that California should put age ratings on gratuitously violent games and regulate their sale to youngsters.

So, dear reader, my question is simple: would that really be so bad? And, more to the point, aren't Californian citizens aware that other countries legally enforce their age ratings?"

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Community2665d ago
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Xizor2665d ago

Video game ratings and Movie ratings are both not legal forces, and never should be. It doesn't matter what the rest of the world does, this is the United States, not the rest of the world. That's the awesome, awesome part of being a sovereign state.

M-Easy2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Exactly, Xizor is right. How about you read the US Constitution and know the role of the Supreme Court before writing such a dumb Piece.

They don't recognize the Manga Carta in Venezuela DOUBLE STANDARD DOUBLE STANDARD.

Xizor2665d ago

I didn't say he was stupid. It's a valid point in a Global context. But as far as comparing to just other industry regulations in the United States, there is no legal inconsistency. The only reason movie theaters enforce MPAA ratings is because of contracts that require them to do so. Ratings in the United States are just for informational purposes more than actual enforcement purposes.

gamingdroid2664d ago

Yes, but in China they censor you completely. Got an issue, talk to the metal bars you will be behind if you are lucky.

So I guess the rest of the world has a double standard when it comes to "freedom to express".

One thing I love about America (I immigrated, not born or raised there) is the freedom of speech and the free market. I don't need the government to constantly babysit me.

That said, of course the US has other issues, but we won't go there.

Takoulya2665d ago

Just because it's the US doesn't mean it's right and has no reason to learn from the rest of the world. In Canada, minors are prohibited from buying Mature rated video games for good reason. Generally, Canada has a much lower number of loud, ignorant and self-absorbed teens and preteens than the US when playing online multiplayer. The reason is clear: it's easier for good parents. Parents trying to enforce rules upon their children can't really help it if they can go outside and buy Call of Duty or Gears of War anyways. With the restrictions in place, though, the kids would require parents to buy it for them.

I'm not saying everything should be monitored, but having absolutely no rules and using the "Freedom of Speech" bullshit is just a way to encourage anarchy.

ThatArtGuy2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Canada has a much lower number of loud, ignorant and self-absorbed teens and preteens than the US when playing online multiplayer.

As an American living in Canada, I ask you, "You know this how?" Teens and preteens in Canada are just as "diverse" as they are in the US. As for the "Freedom of Speech bullshit" as you call it, once you start putting restrictions on your rights, it becomes a *very* slippery slope.

ExPresident2664d ago

Nicely put. I concur completely. That whole statement about Canada having a much lower number of loud.. etc is just so generalized its not even funny.

Takoulya2664d ago

Obivously I can't have statistics, but most of the obnoxious children I've encountered on Xbox Live, after checking their accounts, happened to be American.

These "restriction on your rights," as you put it, are completely justified. If you say that there shouldn't be any age restrictions for video games, can't someone say the same for alcohol and play it off as the same thing? What about gambling? Strip clubs? These restrictions are here for a reason. Obviously, I don't agree with all of them, but something in the government isn't passed for no reason at all, be the reason good or evil.

thisguywithhair2664d ago

To what? Communism? Why is it that everything is a slippery slope to either a dictatorship or communism? What is Americans fascination with these things anyways?

ThatArtGuy2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Making alcohol isn't expression of mood, or conveying of an idea. Movies, books, music, and video games are.

If a child goes into a casino or strip club, he is thrown out. This bill would make selling the games *illegal* with fines and/or jail time. Singling out one form of media is wrong and extremely hypocritical.

As for the "most of them are American" that's probably true simply for the fact the that Canadian population is 10% of what the American population is.

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brish2664d ago

I take offense to that.

I'm from Canada and there is no way any teen in the USA was more loud, ignorant, and self absorbed then I was as a teen!

Go Canada!!! ;-)

TBONEJF2664d ago

FINALLY JUSTICE IS SERVED. The gov't of California must be mad cause they loss. it's dumb to pass a law to sell a game to minors. when these idiots bureaucrats don't know YOU HAVE TO BE 18+ with ID to buy a game. We have the rights free speech for games and Movies. but the only thing I never see a state do is pass a law for movies like R rated or Mature rated movies. This is against our 1st amendment rights to freedom of speech

skyblue142132664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Excerpt from article:
"The legislation was a nasty first step in a right wing agenda, but at its core, the only suggestion was that California should put age ratings on gratuitously violent games and regulate their sale to youngsters."

@author of article.
- They already have something like what you are trying to describe that is not unconstitutional. It's called the E.S.R.B. . Most parents of young children do the game purchasing because young children don't have disposable income like adults do, and because responsible parents supervise their young children.

It also would be insulting to all parents of children if the government had the power to dictate to parents how to raise their children. Most importantly the bill would be violating america's constitution threatening the very fabric of the true america. Any person born in the u.s.a. has the same GOD given rights and freedoms as any other natural born american no matter what age or race that they are. It is the morally responsible parent of the child that has the right to raise their children the way that they want and not the government. GOD bless the true america.