IGN Hero Showdown: Sam Fisher vs. Solid Snake

From IGN:

"Battles rage here on IGN stars...After the conclusion of a hard-fought Hero Showdown between Link and Cloud, Hyrule's defender emerged victorious. Where do you go from an epic battle such as this? Well, staying in the world of games, we decided to get our hands considerably dirtier and visit a pair of gritty fellows who kill with precision and move in the shadows - namely Solid Snake and Sam Fisher, the heroes of Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell, respectively. It's time to see these two step out of the shadows and square off, so let's see what happens. You determine the winner...

So who will emerge from the shadows and triumph? Will it be Tom Clancy's poster boy with the tri-glow visor or the silent but deadly Silent Snake? This time, console loyalty is out the window. Will it be yet another popularity contest or will voters take each fighter's strengths into account..."

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Sevir044863d ago

after playing both all i can say is that people get attached to Snake, people talk about great moments in ever metal gear games and stuff about what snake does... thats not the case about splintercell's Sam. it's almost like he's just some mindless killer on a mission, nothing memorable. and that just proves it. splinter cell is a newbie on the block. and Snake with MGS is the top dog of the block. you see him and move out of his way.. that being said this contest should never even have happen because, we know that this will only flame and war. but the fact is there,

everyone wants MGS4 and nobody is even giving a damn about splinter cell: conviction. even though that game looks good.

Sam fisher just doesn't have that iconic flair and charisma that snake deliver in all his games

Time Lord4863d ago

And its not Sam Fisher.

rubarb234863d ago

Sam all the way!!!!!!!, lol, ok ok what? i felt bad for sam. hardly anyone is picking the poor bastard.

MK_Red4863d ago

Now that's an easy one (At least for me). Snake FTW!

ParaDise_LosT4863d ago

Looking good even when he's wearing a spandex and a maustache xD
Sam Fisher Is cool too tho :P but nowhere near as badass as snake.....

Tesla4863d ago

Do we even need a competition?
Snake, all the way!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.