Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Developer Video Interview

A video interview detailing how the team developed the car models and needed the Cell for the development of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue.

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DJ4001d ago

It really is amazing how much more detail the PS3 allows them to put into their car models and environments. Going from 4,000 polygons per car with only 6 onscreen on PS2 to 200,000 polygons per vehicle (and with 16 onscreen at once) is just insane.

Now if they can simulate real damage physics for the components of each car, something which has never been achieved in any racing simulation, the entire gaming community is going to be wholly impressed. Hopefully they can pull it off for Gran Turismo 5 since Prologue is still an early product, and hopefully the majority of car manufacturers will allow it.

sonarus4001d ago

Even if they did 360 fanboys ad forza lovers still wouldnt be impressed as far as they are concerned forza has better trees

GamerMan4001d ago

1. GT4 had 5,000 per car while GT5 is 200,000.
2. GT5 prologue is just that .. a taste of what is to come. Not everything is going to happen on the prologue as is going to happen with the final launch of the GT5

I watched it last night too... I had to rewind to that spot also because you her GT4 and 5000 in the same sentence. Still is an impressive jump.

I will be getting it but I know this is nothing compared to what the Final iteration of this game will be.

Area_514001d ago

Yes and deed, I am sold, put me down for this is gone to be a great racing sim i cant wait to get my hands on it this guy doesn't make a bad GT.