Wired: Mass Effect 3 Preview - BioWare Learns From Its Mistakes

2010’s Mass Effect 2 improved upon its predecessor.... It did this by removing many of the original game’s deeper RPG elements, like the ability to customize weapons and armor, making for a more streamlined, accessible experience.

But for Mass Effect 3, Canadian developer BioWare is bringing back some of the complexity.

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WhiteLightning3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

"One of the big things that we’re trying to do is give players more choices"

Great so anytime you want to add the option for other classes that aren't soldiers to use the crappy but effective charged guns with unlimited ammo from the first ME then that would be know since it wouldn't be that hard to include them. If you look on the Bioware forums you can see everyone is pretty much spilt on it so having both would please both sides, and make it less like any other third person shooter.

"Some fans have expressed concerns about Mass Effect 3 feeling too much like a shooter — or too much like an RPG, depending on which type of gamer you ask"

Who thinks ME3 looks too much like an RPG ....

From what we've saw. I'd say it looks too much like a shooter, then an RPG.

ExPresident3487d ago

They should tell all the shooter fans that it isn't a shooter, its an RPG and then we've solved one problem.

I don't go into FPS games demanding that they be more RTS like ;/

Blacktric3487d ago

Still judging the game from the 10 minute demo you saw eh? Keep going. Sure it's not an RPG, it's actually Gears Of War 2.5. Happy now? Jesus Christ man...

codename133487d ago

Then its really good that they realized their mistake. Hope they can prove it by making ME3 great.
And ofcourse alongside with it, they should concern more about their mistake on Dragon Age franchise.

MARKUS_MAX1MUS3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Thing that interests me about these Devs is they always talk about "listening to the fans" and I for one would like to know just who these particular fans are because 8/10 when a dev says that they havent seemed to listen to anybody at all...let alone the "fans"

Rowland3486d ago

A gamers age & intellect will dictate who plays, enjoys or dislikes a game - for example the Lego games (which are brilliant) in general do not appeal to gamers who play the top FPS, sports simms or RPG's.

The consumers who enjoy Lego games are in general a younger more casual audience. If the developers then made Lego games more complex adding adult themes, strategy & strong RPG elements the fans would be disappointed, right ?

ME2 (ME3 to follow) have been deliberately developed to appeal to a 'wider audience' and the biggest generic consumer group is the first person shooter hence the saturated market.

Bioware have calculated that in order to cater to the shooter market the more complex RPG/strategy elements had to be eliminated as shooter gameplay is essentially simplistic.

If Bioware are listening to fans, it''ll be the shooter crowd they're listening to most of all and not the RPG fans who enjoyed the first game.


I enjoy the lego star wars game with my brother, its pretty awesome!

Doesnt make me any less intelligent or mature, I prefer to see gaming this way, you need a balanced "diet" of gaming to be satisfied. Il play any genre wether it be for kids of adults if its fun.

From what ive seen if all the comments on here are anything to go by, people want a return to the RPG elements.

Rowland3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

yes indeed. I know some good folks who love Wii games - think the Wii is the best thing ever ! - one of them is a doctor, another a university lecturer yet in the gaming world, complex games such as Fallout/Witcher/Elder Scrolls etc baffle them. So in a gaming sense they do not have the capacity to enjoy these games.

Bioware are simplifying their games to such an extent that in general they are now appealing more to younger gamers who don't have the capacity to enjoy the complex ones yet, casual gamers such as my doctor & university lecturer friend and gamers who simply don't like the depth offered by RPG's or don't have the gaming intellect to play them.

Gamers who enjoy the deeper world of strong RPG/strategic/micromanagement gameplay mechanics tend not to be kids/teenagers. It requires patience/tenacity & thinking time to stay with & reap the rewards of playing top end RPG's.

Nothing wrong with any of this of course - just stating fact.

SageHonor3485d ago

Alot of gamers dont know what they want..

mananimal3486d ago

Learned from mistakes you say? So adding things that dont REALLY enhance gameplay, but CREATE more "Social division and tension like the HOMO/LESBO Relationship option?, quite the contrary, and When did the CORE ME fans ask for something they HATE in Casual-itist Kinect??, ???....No, what Bioware/EA has learned, is how to incorporate Socially charged, political/Secular IDEAS, that they would love for me to Passively ACCEPT, ..but the JOKE is on you, cause i wont COMPROMISE PRINCIPAL to play a "Videogame". Ive never been fond of EA, and sense you've merged with them, Your "videogames" have become less about the Hardcore FANS, and MORE ABOUT $$$ and Bowing to your Corporate Socially Corrupt pays Masters. No matter what you say: Streamlining is watering down the game, simple. More like a "Cliche Hollywood Movie", were most parts of the movie are just different Rehashes from different movies, and called new and fresh. I don't need to see how the ending of "just another", SCI-FI game ends....Not for Principle, which is Infinitely more superior and important in every way imaginable. P.S-adding Homo/lesbo relationship option is appeasing Political Correctness, and adding KINECT is bowing down to Corporate Pressure. If you were still INDEPENDANT Bioware, I highly Doubt KINECT would be in ME3, Nuff said. and Ive moved on from this series , NO SOUP FOR YOU EA/BIOWARE !!

Rowland3486d ago

@manimal - essentially spot on. The Hollywood analogy is so true. Bubble vote added for telling the truth plain & simple.