Neuroscience and games. What happens in our brains while we play?

Despite the bad press surrounding the game I think that is slowly making a difference in how they are perceived. In this generation we have seen how different companies have chosen to redirect their products to almost all the family, which has had many repercussions on the sector. But perhaps one of the most important is the approach by a new audience to this field, which has helped some myths about the game is compromised. Finally parents and grandparents were witnesses of how consoles could help "train your brain" and improve your English. At this time the sector has become known as a possible tool for learning, away from that vision so negative that many could have. The debate on the benefits we can give the game has started and an example of this is the opinion of the scientist Marc Prensky (a summary of these ideas can be seen in the recent interview Punset Eduart has done for Networks program).

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