My Take on MGS4 Not Making IGN's Top 100 Modern Video Games List

Fahed Jaradat writes "Let me start this off with a quote, "Opinions are like...., everyone has one." And, that's why I broke this blog down into three categories, facts, assumptions, and opinions so that you can separate facts from assumptions and opinions."

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jidery3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

MGS4 is too good to not make this list. At the time the game was revolutionary and did things no game before it ever did. It was the first PS3 exclusive to truly take advantage of the hardware and blu-ray.

lil Titan3527d ago

i dont know why people take IGN seriously anymore

MaxXAttaxX3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

All the good IGN editors are either leaving or were laid off...

Their top 10 is alright.
Just ME2 shouldn't be there and RedDeadRedemption shouldn't be there. MGS4 was nowhere to be found within 100 games and Fallout 3 is overrated and booori---zzz.

I hope the world takes their list as nothing but opinions.

I_find_it_funny3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Couldn't care less about that list,

I won't even go through it, I mean 100 clicks? seriously IGN?
I'D LOVE TO SEE THE STATS how many people who viewed #100 Demon's Souls clicked their way to #1 without skipping LMAO

GrandTheftZamboni3527d ago

My perception of North American gaming sites, especially big ones is that they are just marketing outlets for western games. Their employees work for salaries and they better be nice to whoever pays them and that's mostly american game companies with big marketing budgets. No bias, no conspiracy, just business.

SuperLupe3527d ago

Yep same here, MGS1 is my favouritre game ever with FF9 and MGS3 isnt far too.

MGS2 and MGS4 were excellent games but not legendary.

vsr3527d ago

May be the editors are unmatured / fanboy kids

AngryTypingGuy3526d ago

MGS4 is nothing less than a masterpiece. You can't know all that went into this game unless you play it yourself.

SilentNegotiator3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

"My perception of North American gaming sites, especially big ones is that they are just marketing outlets for western games. Their employees work for salaries and they better be nice to whoever pays them and that's mostly american game companies with big marketing budgets. No bias, no conspiracy, just business"

Case in point, Jeff Gerstmann. Fired, obviously for giving the crappy "Kane and Lynch" a deserving score, from Gamespot. The publishers put enough marketing dollars into Gamespot to feed Cuba for a decade. Then when Jeff's review hit, he was quickly fired.

That's what integrity gets you in this industry.

Btw, I don't think "North American gaming sites" is a fair analysis. I think most sites, regardless of continent of origin, have been doing this.

GrandTheftZamboni3526d ago


"Btw, I don't think "North American gaming sites" is a fair analysis. I think most sites, regardless of continent of origin, have been doing this."

I agree. I didn't mean it as in "ONLY" North American gaming sites. It's just that because of language I only visit English speaking, mostly US sites. I can assume others do the same.

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Sillyace923527d ago

I didn't think MGS4 was that good of a game. So does that mean I'm wrong too?

Hoje03083527d ago

Nope, I loved MGS 1 and 3 and was bored by 2 and 4. come the Kojima fangirls...

RedDead3527d ago

I agree, story was all over the place, I can't blame Kojima for that honestly, it's quite hard to finish up such a plot. MGS 3 and 1 didn't have that problem because both of them didn't have anything leading up on them. 3 is my favorite anyway. 4's gunplay was better than 3, but the overall gameplay was better in 3 I thought, hunting and animals and stuff was better than stress.

mastiffchild3527d ago

Consensus of those who've played it would say yes, you're wrong too. Thing is, as you're pointing out, this is about opinion but as a lot of people who've played MGS4 would say it's as good, and better, than anything this generation leaving it out of a list like this does make a site look like they've a grudge against Kojima or Sony. I'm sorry, but it's just like leaving out Bioshock, SMG, COD4, Fallout3 or Mass Effect2.

Some games are obviously worth a place on a list like this because of their impact and standing among gamers and MGS4 is a lot of people's favourite game this gen-definitely still better for me than anything else I've played in the past four years or so and a lot of people agree making this omission see a bit silly and making IGN look either biased or stupid.

Personally, I found Fallout3 to be a massive step backwards for the series. The FPShooting was crap, VATS arbitrary and the story underwhelming(and the loss of atmosphere really hurt it for me)but I'd be shocked if that too got ignored as so many agree about it's quality. MGS4 should definitely be on anyone'as list made to show this kind of thing and that it isn't either looks like a massive oversight or like someone somewhere isn't being honest or fair. Even if you just look at detail and how Kojima masterfully ties so many loose ends together with MGS4 you should be able to appreciate the amazing depth and quality of the complex universe Kojima created for us and for himself and his characters. Missing out on genius like this just loses IGN a lot of credibility and aligns them with some of the most ignorant and wildly inaccurate trolls ever seen.

ngecenk3527d ago

if you're just a commenter on N4G, I couldnt care less. but if you're a huge media driven by professionals that have to maintain credibility, yes, it is important to put a list NOT ONLY based on your opinion. Like it or not, MGS 4 is a maestro. Not everybody loves maestro, I can deal with that. But you cant judge a game just based on your opinion.

I cant find even until now, a game that put so much content in it. I cant find any game contains so much variation in gameplay like MGS4. Heck even the AI can react based on your action. and dont get me started with the graphic innovation of MGS4. Of course you cant compare it with current game, but by the time it released, it was a major breakthrough.

I really dont get it why it didnt make it to IGNs list. Im sure either they forget to put it or they just didnt play it at all.

turnerdc3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

I agree. MGS 1 and 3 are pure gold. MGS 2 and 4 didn't really do much for me.

kaveti66163527d ago


By your logic, you're wrong. If IGN can leave MGS4 out of their list and still be the most popular gaming review site, then it means that their opinions are shared by more people.

I played MGS4. I disliked it. The story was so cheesy. I guess I grew up and with MGS4 I realized that the Metal Gear Solid story is immensely childish, but that's not what bothers me about it. It's childish but it tries to pass itself off as something serious and complex.

And the gameplay is horrendous. Snake moves so damn slowly. And as with many cutscene-heavy games these days, there are tiny moments of gameplay in between long, drawn-out cutscenes. A cutscene will ensure for 5 minutes, end, then there will be 3 minutes of gameplay (move from point A to point B) and then there will be another long cutscene.

For the hardcore MGS fans, maybe the game is good, but that's really not a good argument. Hardcore fans of any expressive material will thing their chosen work is the greatest thing on Earth.

I found MGS4 to be un-compelling.

Saladfax3527d ago

I think the story and structure are (for the most part) just fine, but the script writing seemed to suffer from quite a large amount of redundancy, especially in 4.

Rainstorm813527d ago

@ sillyface

You're not wrong cause its your opinion, but when IGN as a site gives the game a 10, then leaves it off thier top 100 list, it shows no continuity within the site and thier review scores cant be taken seriously at all, as they constantly contradict

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dangert123527d ago

To be honest it don't make any sense
sure they gave it a 10?
there games should be listed by there review score
if they say its 10/10 and don't want to play it
or its not in there top so many something is drastically wrong

Downtown boogey3527d ago

I wouldn't say it was revolutionary, BUT it is my favorite game of this gen thus far. It's just damn good!

ReservoirDog3163527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

MGS3 was better than MGS4 on every regard, except graphics of course.

Having said that, it deserves to be on any top list for the microwave scene alone. First time in history a medium actually translated real pain to put you in the shoes of the character on screen. Revolutionary to say the least.

PW, though very fun and very very good, was sorely lacking when all was said and done though. Just thought I'd thow that opinion in there.

PhoenixDevil3527d ago

I agreed with your comment tho I have a more complex view on it. MGS3 is as a, stand alone (not including the other games in the franchise), stealth action, game simply one of the best games ever

MGS4 as a franchise ending (as in to a fan who has played all the other games), stealth action 3rd person shooter game is an amazing game but the fact it does so much with good shooting mechanics means it can b distracted from what made the others so great

I love them both tbh tho it seems that 3 is all the stuff that fans love about the series in a great game and 4 is most of that stuff with some great new stuff that appeals to more people but slightly less to some fans, most will agree its an amazing game

As for the microwave scene (original reason why i was going to reply) the first time I went through it my heart was genuinely thumping as i mashed triangle so much thinking that i didnt make it n sitting there for the brief second it took for the cutscene to take over. Thats why its deserves to be on the list :D

RevXM3527d ago

No mention to Uncharted DF?
I though DF was the first game that really proved something about ps3. Hell DF still looks stellar to this day. Great game on many levels dude.

MGS4 sure have done things that no other game have.
And it is my fav game of all time.
unique, rich and deep in so many ways!

SlaughterMeister3527d ago

A lot of people (including the people at IGN) believe that Peace Walker is a superior game to MGS4. Considering that they set a specific rule disallowing the inclusion of more than one game per series, it makes perfect sense to have Peace Walker in the list.

I thought the game was great. The limitations of the PSP are fairly obvious, but they don't cripple the game the way Portable Ops was.

MGS4 not being on this list does not make the list biased, all the arguments against the list makes you all look like fools. Kojima did a damn good job--and PW is on the PSP, no less! Stop whining about the fact that MGS4 isn't on the list and start celebrating the fact that an MGS game is the one that finally made the PSP a must-own console. I bought one just so I could play this game. And I bought the Limited Edition. (Which means I own two copies.)

Stop whining and go play PW. It's awesome.

Adam21013527d ago

i dont have IGN but that just sucked, i mean you put games that really suck, and you dont mention MGS4? not even in the 90s!

its opinion of course but a surprising one.

Adam21013527d ago

i dont hate IGN but that just sucked, i mean you put games that really suck, and you dont mention MGS4? not even in the 90s!

its opinion of course but a surprising one.

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Criminal3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

@Jidery I remember, back then I had 2 games to show off my fat PS3, MGS4 and GTA4.

TheLastGuardian20103527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Don't get why people care about a list someone made. If I made a top 100 list no one would care, don't see why this shouldn't be the same case, regardless if it came from IGN.

Ninver3527d ago

Trolls will be trolls. MGS4 has the best story and some of the most diverse environments in a game to date. IGN is just seeking attention. Don't feed them.

kaveti66163527d ago

It does not have a good story.

The MGS plotline is convoluted rather than complex.

It is overly dramatic rather than mature.

Laika3527d ago

actually, it does have a good story. compared to most crap that games spew out these days. there is tons of back story and lore. it may be convoluted but it doesnt mean that its not good.

kaveti66163527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

"compared to most crap that games spew out these days. there is tons of back story and lore. it may be convoluted but it doesnt mean that its not good."

I don't compare MGS's storyline with anything. When I'm playing the game and experiencing the story, I cannot keep myself from rolling my eyes at how silly the story is, and how much it insists upon itself.

The game's story is just bad. Yes, if you compare it to a game like Earth Defense Force, where a bunch of giant fucking ants are destroying the Earth for no reason and you have to kill them, then yeah, MGS has a story.

But I don't want to compare MGS with anything. On its own, the story is about nanomachines and paramilitary factions fighting with each other through supersoldiers and clones of supersoldiers and there are ninjas and genetically modified mutant humans whose every act and statements are dripping with innuendo.

It's cringe-worthy. And with MGS4, I'm hobbling around as a geriatric who needs to smoke cigarettes or read playboy to calm himself down.

And as funny as that ^^^ sounds, it gets annoying.

Convoluted stories aren't good. Convolution kills stories.

Edit: And yeah, before anyone calls me out, my synopsis of the story is specific to MGS4. I don't have the patience to ridicule the entire series.

8bit_Nes_Rambo3527d ago

If you don't like MGS' story than you must hate videogame stories in general, because it's considered to be one of the best. Really though, I wish Kojima would make 2 sets of games with two differing stories. One for those who like post modern, complex stories and one for the muttonheads who use such trappings as "convoluted" because they aren't smart enough to wrap their head around it. Stick with the souless, geopolitical babblings of a Clancy game or the ham fisted "My first read through of Atlus shrugged" pap of Bioshock, Kaveti.

t0mmyb0y3527d ago

MGS4 is the most emotional game I've ever played. Beats Heavy Rain without a doubt. It really makes your feel like you are there, going through what they are.

Rhythmattic3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Well . I'm gonna out myself here...

I've been a gamer since pong, but, however, I'd never played a MGS until MGS4...

It was one of the most:-
addictive game of my life.

Dont get me wrong, I love all genres, but this one.... Games have changed.