Review: GamePro Loves Super Mario Galaxy

Mario reaches for the stars in his new intergalactic adventure, Super Mario Galaxy. Strap on your space boots and come along for the ride as Gamerhelp Editor Patrick Shaw tours the cosmos and explains why Galaxy is the best Mario game since the timeless classic, Mario 64.

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MK_Red4863d ago

They gave it an overall 5/5 but they gave all 3 aspect of Graphics, Control and Sound 4.75/5 in their review. Wasn't Mario Galaxy supposed to be the best looking Wii game as well as the most technically advanced?

riqued4863d ago

Whatever, its Mario! I want a Wii now...

okcomputer4863d ago

Don't you get it by now? It isn't about having the best graphics or being the most technically advanced. Its about how much fun it is to play. If smg really is on the level with mario 64 and sm3 I may be tempted to pick up a wii myself this holiday (if I can find one that is).

lonestarmt4863d ago

These games don't have to have great graphics, just charm, and great platforming action! Looks fun!

the worst4863d ago

im at galaxy 3
your going 2 love it
and its real fun
its will hook you in

MK_Red4863d ago

Did I mention that I was beaten by 30 Seconds in submitting this story!? 30 second! TnS you are evil ;)

RudeSole Devil4863d ago

Played it at Game Stop for about a minute and the game looks so ugly I gave the paddle to a 5yr standing next to me. He loved it. GO GAME PRO. Trust me this game look almost as good as Mario Sun Shine.

Brainiac 84863d ago

I'm glad to see you looked at the game objectively. /Sarcasm

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The story is too old to be commented.