Blacksite Area 51 Gone Gold

Midway announced today that Blacksite Area 51 has gone gold and will be in stores Nov. 12th for Xbox 360 and PC with a PlayStation 3 version expected in time for the holidays.

Another demo for Xbox Live is scheduled to be released soon, and a PS3 demo will be released later this year.

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Charlie26884866d ago

I am still waiting for a decent demo before even thinking about buying it

JasonPC360PS3Wii4866d ago

There is a demo if your an Xbox 360 owner, Timeshift to.

Charlie26884866d ago

Yes, I have tried the 360 Teaser but was WAY to short for my taste, the dev said that before launch there will be a "full demo" and I am still waiting for it >.>

I actually download the Timeshift PC demo since I completely forgot the 360 demo :P

JsonHenry4866d ago

There is no way after playing the demo I would ever think of getting this game.
More of the same old FPS bullshite. Give me something new.

Kleptic4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

agreed...played the Blacksite demo on a 360 today...terrible...

and played the Timeshift demo on a PS3 today...terrible...

what is with the sound in recent demos?...Strangehold, and these two crappers all had ridiculously poor sound quality...not like quality as in a problem with the speakers or something...a problem as in the sound fx from a silent movie were better...

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wil4hire4866d ago

Glad the COD4 team could.

Kuest4866d ago

*slaps hand on forehead*

Goodness, what am I thinking? Sorry wil4hire, didn't recognize you there.

lawman11084866d ago

Does this EVER get old? I liked the Demo on Live but I will wait til price drops

wolfehound224866d ago

It seems that midway and a lot of developers have struggled in the past, but they seem to slowly be coming around and hopefully in the near future these games will be on par if not better than 360.

MK_Red4866d ago

Why we don't have a single review?
Aside from Halo 3, games used to get reviews weeks before their release but thanks to Halo 3's strict system, we have to wait until the actual release to get reviews. At least Assassins and this game are like that and have no review so far (Aside from Japanese Famitsu review).

razer4866d ago

I really liked the demo. Another limited-time console exclusive for the 360 by default..

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The story is too old to be commented.