Star Ocean PSP Revealed, Images Included

Last month PSU reported that there would be a Limited Edition PSP carrying the Star Ocean theme.

At the time however, there were no available photographs showing off the casing so anticipation was left at a minimum. Today that anticipation may be able to rise as finally a batch of photos was revealed showing off the Star Ocean themed PSP, its casing, and Box art.

The limited edition Star Ocean pack is expect to be around 24,840 yean, which clocks in at around USD 216. The current release date is set for December 27 in Japan. No word yet on a possible North American or European release, though there's nothing to stop enthusiasts checking out Yes Asia or Play Asia for all your import needs.

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Charlie26884497d ago

That Limited Edition looks spectacular O.O

Not gonna even bother commenting on the "thing" you are suppose to carry it in >.>

WilliamRLBaker4497d ago

it looks a lil crappy...some lil tattoo looking things on the back? thats not really worthwhile and the carrying case sux, and it wont come to america, The japanese are stingy with their rpg products in america.

Umbrella Corp4497d ago

Its beautiful!But not as Beautiful as my girlfriend :)

CRIMS0N_W0LF4497d ago

if I didn't have a PSP I would buy that.