Sexy women kissing, that's how you promote an unknown game

How do you promote your game if it is not very popular, but you still want some media attention? The publisher and developer of MX vs. ATV Alive found the perfect solution.

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Warprincess1163608d ago

No that how you degrade women across the world. That was just disgusting and i know i have to avoid this game.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

This game will still be pretty bad im my opinion. Mx Vs Atv is a dying brand

bwazy3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

So is Warprincess116.

And heck if two women want to kiss to advertise a game for a good paycheck then let them.

If two men kissed would it be degrading to men? NO it would be seen as comical more than anything.

Dont be a sexist.

I will however, admit that it is incredibly lame and an even lamer cheese tactic to exploit male gamers and gain a large amount of media attention (aka free advertisement).


Army_of_Darkness3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

This game looks like shit and I could care less about it, but OMG! I couldn't resist but watch the entire video;-)

warprincess is a hater. Hahahahaha!

Shikoro3608d ago

Couldn't care less. X(

jadenkorri3607d ago

@ bwazy

another example of people commenting without reading/watching articles

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killerhog3608d ago

i dont mind girls: kissing, flashing, other adult oriented situations, but thats outside of trying to advertise it for video games. theres no surprise, that companies who advertise, 'babes and sex', for their games end up sucking, because they arent focusing on what makes games good. some of these developers even know it, but use "babes" as a scapegoat for their lack of: creativity, programming, story, gameplay, etc..

i would, like to give you an agree warprinces, but i love lesbos and girls kissing each other. Though, i wouldnt disagree with you either, cause you got a point and your own perspective on it as a girl (if you are).

Instead Ill do this

*throws a COD game at you*

Dart893608d ago

Damn dude you really have it in for her don't you every time i see her comment you always comment at her and it has to do with something so funny xDDDDD bubs for you :D.

Jezuz3608d ago

There's a saying. Sex sells.

Apollyn3608d ago

Far from it. They accepted the paycheck and the job christ this bullhang feminist attitude now days does my sodding head.
Feminists don't want equality they want to be superior and like to complain.

ANYWAY the Game will suck as always.

And people will continue to disagree with you as is tradition.

This is a great day for Canada And that of the world

Pozzle3608d ago

"Feminists don't want equality they want to be superior and like to complain."

Actually, that's a misandrist. :)

Sadly, it's people like Warprincess116 who make TRUE feminists look bad and give feminism a bad reputation. She's complaining (in the comments section of a freaking game site) about a silly little commercial for a game hardly anyone is going to buy, while real feminists are out there in the world dealing with TRUE issues of inequality- e.g. women getting paid less in the workplace, women being treated poorly in certain countries and communities, etc.

Mottsy3608d ago

How many feminist does it take to change a light bulb? None. Feminist cant change anything.

news4geeks3608d ago

Warprincess just makes me laugh now. To her, everything is either gross or disgusting and Call of Duty is teh bestest shoota eva.

dorron3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

What's up with that "We, Women, are a team" thing? If anything, it will be degrading to those girls, not every single woman in the world.

Still, it is pretty lame to use those tactics to promote a game.

SuperK3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

@ Warprincess. You talk so much shit its incredible. LOL

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FAGOL3608d ago

Still won't buy it. Anyway what sort of marketing tactic is this? Show some hot girls and hope the game will sell well? The people who are looking forward to this game wanted it way before these videos. Anyone watching now will only focus on the hot girls and forget that it was about a game.

Bad strategy is bad.

killerhog3608d ago

"arn't" isnt a word either. not trying to call out your grammar/spelling, as i dont use it properly at times as well, but it's kinda ironic YOU are gonna call someone else out and misspell yourself

FAGOL3608d ago

Hmm my mistake. But I wasn't calling him out personally. He basically copy and pasted the text from the google translated page and didn't bother to edit it. I just told him to fix it.

Kingsora3608d ago

Who cares, I made a spelling mistake, so I need to adjust it ^^

Kingsora3608d ago

Is it a bad strategy, think about it. Now they get media attention, otherwise they never would.

There is no such thing as bad avdertising ^^

FAGOL3608d ago

Sure it will get media attention for a day or two. But will it entice customers to buy the game? It will simply be forgotten. There are more creative ways to get media attention and more importantly customer attention. And since this is a internet video it doesn't seperate itself from the other much more creative video adverts.

It's a cheap old tactic.

xtremegamerage3608d ago

Things to do before you die.

1) Have sex with two women at once - Check.

_____________________________ ______________________________

Women degrade women by doing what they do - Check/

EazyC3608d ago

Don't lie.
You've only ever slept with a deformed 52 year old with erectile dysfunction.

DiffusionE3608d ago

Watch this go over 2000° on the front-page.

Nakiro3608d ago

Warprincess116, same one from the Tester Season 2?

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