Star Wars Force Unleashed: New Details And Screens

Although very few solid facts are known about the game, Star Wars: The Forced Unleashed promises so much, and new info has started to trickle from the Jedi camp at LucasArts.

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WilliamRLBaker4869d ago

Dont like starwars much but it will be like the real star wars in this game, where the force is actually powerful and not some piddling thing, Taking down TIE FIGHTERS FOR THE WIN with your mind!!

Nagthragarthoth4869d ago

Not a fan either, this game looks like it could be cool though... Hopefully like KOTOR in the sense that it's story was much more intriguing than any of the actual Star Wars movies.


Sweet. Can't wait for this one.

OOG FunK4869d ago

Not a huge Star was fan either but I have played the Jedi Outkast series on the pc and I am hopn this one will go to pc cuz saber duels were the shizit on the pc on console they jus suck.....the pc lets you come up with some crazy ideas for fightn and have full range of swining your saber while movn unlike the consoles....lets hope this goes to pc woooooo

jaja14344869d ago

I think I speak foe everyone...What the hell did you just try to say?

Please take a little more time to make your comments readable i.e. In the English language with some form of grammar.

Blood_Spiller4869d ago

How dare you tell him to speak English, hes OOG FunK, ya feel me dawg?


green_ghost54869d ago

Foo sho, he be gangsta.


CaptainMeatwad4869d ago

I don't see what everyone's problem is, you must be retarded to actually not understand what he's saying.

And I agree, lightsaber fights on PC are much better than on consoles, and I really hope this comes to PC, but either way this game looks awesome and I'll defintely be getting it regardless of platform. I'll just wait for the reviews

jaja14344869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Yes I can understand what hes saying, but speaking or rather typing as such, gives you the appearance of having a lower intelligence. This may or may not be true, but when I have to read crap like that I automatically dismiss any opinion that is stated. Most of the world works like this and as such there is no point in getting into the habit of typing like that in the first place.

And I'm not talking about little grammar mistakes here and there. But when I see-Outkast,movn,your(should be you're), hopn, fightn,cuz,swining, were(not even the right word), and jus in 3 sentences it makes me want to reach through cyber space and poke that persons eyes out.

The point is, type/talk like an idiot and your going to get treated like one.

Ohh and the same for people who insist on doing this
Makes me cry for the future.

Bolts4868d ago

jaja1434 is an internet n00b. Stop wasting our precious bandwidth by demanding silly things like...oh for people to make sense when they post. If you can not decipher incoherent rants and gibberish by now then you clearly don't belong here with the most l33t of posters like myself.

I cast thee out!!

Oh, back on topic now...I agree with the OP. If you played the Jediknight series on the PC then you'll know what he's talking about. The saber swings and moves requires a series of gestures that are best accomplished with a mouse.

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Grassroots4869d ago

I want more information! Great screens.

DeckUKold4868d ago

mainly for wii but I'm gonna wait and see the reviews before i preorder it