New, unimaginable Wii Channel on the way in '08 ?

Nintendo's going to place increasing emphasis on its Wii Channels as it heads into the future, President Satoru Iwata suggested at the company's recent Q3 financial results conference.

"In the next year, we are very hopeful of realizing something brand new so that people will be surprised and say, "I couldn't imagine that Wii Channels could be used this way." When we can get to the stage where we can publicly announce specifically what we will do next, we would then like to talk to you," he said.

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Darkiewonder4873d ago

You can view yours and other people's stats like weight, height, stamina, and play a game of compare ;o

But anyways, More wii channels also means a way to have more space please. Thanks a bunch Nintendo.

Prismo_Fillusion4873d ago

No, you have to download the channels and delete them when you're done using them. Then download them again next time you're interested.

har har har

Basch4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

SD cards could be used to expand the system memory, maybe ( so it's not just used for backing up channels, photos and saves)...

scarlett_rg4873d ago

With solid business sense like this, I can definitely see how Nintendo is dominating the world these days.

Gotta love 'em.

cooke154873d ago

Hmm wonder what they have up their sleeves

ManOnFire4873d ago

Iwata cracks me up the way he teases us. I get the feeling he really enjoys doing it too.