Call of Duty 4 Exclusive: Under the Hood Part 1

Get an inside look at one of the great things about the Call of Duty 4 engine - the ability to change lighting and post FX on the fly.

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b777conehead4873d ago

a first day buy for me .cod 4 looks sweet

Bonsai12144873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

nice video. can't believe its only 4 days away now?

not to start a flame war or anything, but what they can do with the engine looks like what they can do with the killzone 2 engine. with the lighting, post effects etc. its my humble observation...

riqued4873d ago

It's also something on Uncharted's engine, after you finished the game for the first time you will be able to play the game again with different post effects.

Kuest4873d ago

You guys think that COD4 is cool too, huh?


riqued4873d ago

COD4 is perfect =)

I just think that this technology is also being used in other games:

COD4, KZ2, Uncharted.

Must give them all credit for being the firsts.

Spinitus4873d ago

i need COD4, i can't call my self a gamer if don't get this masterpiece.