Say goodbye to Blockbuster Video

It looks like the bottom has finally fallen out of Blockbuster. After numerous failed attempts at attracting new customers, the company is finally spiraling out of control.

Sad as it is, the end is near for Blockbuster, and all that pressure it has been placing on Netflix will be lifted.

Blockbuster Video was one of the exclusive supporters of Blu-ray in their stores. This turn of events could possibly have an impact on the format war between Blu-ray and rival HD DVD. Only time will tell.

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RadientFlux4868d ago

I doubt it will have any effect on the format war. Blockbuster going out of business has more to do with lower costs of purchasing DVDs and the ability to order movies through cable/sat.

emaddox844868d ago

Don't forget online movie rentals like Netflix which took a massive amount of revenue from rental stores. Depending on how quickly you get around to watching your movies, you can end up paying like $1 per movie with Netflix, which is way more appealing then $5 per rental at Blockbuster. I do go to Blockbuster still for game rentals though.

ruibing4868d ago

I like owning the movies I watch, especially for BD movies that I'd like to keep. It won't affect my purchase decisions for the holidays at all.

witchking4868d ago

I think BB will continue to divest of its brick and mortar business in favor of its online component. Couple with that partnering with a digital download service (TiVo, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, etc.) and you'll see the BB brand thrive. The nature of the business is to change, and BB has been slow to do that, but they have enough resources at their disposal to ensure their future... provided they are smart enough to adapt with the times.

Ju4868d ago

Gamerental at Blockbuster are way to expensive. That's another problem, IMO. $7 a week? Imagine. 4x7 = $28 a month. Compare that to $17 for GameFly. So its NetFlix on the movie side and GameFly for the games. They are nowhere competitive. They are not out yet, as far as I understand. So I don't actually know why this is reported as news, while its simply a blog posts opinion.

VaNdAl4868d ago

Movie Gallery, which operates under the names Movie Gallery, Hollywood Video, and Game Crazy, filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday, according to a story by Bloomberg.

Sulphur Man4868d ago

Yes, SD DVDs are cheap, easy to copy, store and utilise on portable hardware. None of these qualities are present on BR & HD-DVD, which is why they'll both fail to gain any grip on the market, and will be sidelined once net bandwith is capable of delivering on-demand HD content more easily.

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WilliamRLBaker4868d ago

Why I approved.
It doesn't need to be in tech it needs to be in industry news, Block buster is the biggest rental store in the world, they rent out video games, and marketing revenue and such is put into blockbuster by gaming companies. so it does have to do with games.

gamesblow4868d ago

But why?

Why the hell does anyone want it to go undeR? This is absurd. People are so out of touch with nostalga it's sickening. The drive in movie was killed off in much the same vien. What a waste. I don't shop at Blockbuster or rent from there anymore... I know what I like and buy accordingly. It pains me to think families who aren't internet savy or high enough class to own broad band connections and other high end devices are going to be left out of the loop because of selfish behavior in the market place. What a joke. This makes me wanna go to Blockbuster and dump money into their registers by renting a **** load of movies.

lawman11084868d ago

Just to see that the movie they wanted was out and to have to get something they did not want because they drove to BB. On demand is all people need, now MS live is going to be doing movies over the net too. In less then Twenty years going to the movies will be a thing of the past.

PS3 Limps on and on4868d ago

If you don't rent movies from them, who's so much better? Hollywood video?

Or are people saying that renting movies is a thing of the past in general? So you buy all your movies or maybe you rent online and wait 3 or 4 days for them to arrive?

gamesblow4868d ago

Nothing's wrong with Block Buster... It's the elitist idiots who have the problem. People who like to see **** die off just for the hell of it. I hate the xbox 360, but I don't want itto go anywhere. I loath Nintendo, but I'd hate to see them dry up and leave the market. We'd lose the foundation of the industry that way. Blockbuster needs to stick around. All there is to it.

Kholinar4868d ago

I think they're ok. Hollywood's generally cheaper, but have far less locations.

For me it has to do with my taste. My wife and I mostly watch obscure art films and foreign films that are hard to find. Blockbuster doesn't have much for us, Netflix does. We also found that we were spending $30 per month at blockbuster for a limited selection when Netflix had most everything we wanted, and could rent three times as much for half the price.

The drop boxes at McDonalds are having an effect too. For those who just watch "blockbusters", those are a cheap, local option. So there are options for people with lower incomes. Though I don't see how you can beat Netflix if you watch very many movies.

goodganja4868d ago

Blockbuster succeeded in dominating the rental chains worldwide. Not everyone has internet and actually likes the idea of going into a store and picking up a game/movie instead of waiting for it in the mail.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

vilmer4868d ago

You got it. If Blockbuster goes down, will there be an obesity spike?

Kholinar4868d ago

"Not everyone has internet and actually likes the idea of going into a store and picking up a game/movie instead of waiting for it in the mail."

Dead on.

And that was blockbuster's main advantage with their online service. Unlimited In-store rentals (up to your at-a-time limit). Once they chopped that down to a few a month, they lost any real advantage over Netflix. It's too bad, but honestly, their moves on this whole thing have been a nightmare.

The article is right though, they lived off of late fees, much like the credit card companies... and people who live off the misfortune of others often come to unfortunate ends.