Famitsu Reviews Assassin's Creed: 37/40

As if anyone needed further proof that November will assassinate your wallet, Famitsu has heaped glowing praise atop Assassin's Creed. According to a forum post on the Ubisoft forums, Famitsu has given the title a very respectable 37/40, with the individual reviews standing at 10, 8, 9, and 10.

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sonarus4869d ago

this review finally got me to pre order

P4KY B4869d ago

I will order it tonight.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4869d ago

i wasn`t sure how this was going to turn out.

but so far it looks to be good.

Real gamer 4 life4869d ago

Okay that confirms it assasin creed is a must buy.

Kuest4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

that AC is a seriously good game... congratulations!!

You made it.


what? what do "some other games" have to do with AC. Did you read all the previews? What made you worried in the first place?

Maybe I just don't understand what you posted.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

alot of games this GEN look GREAT and sound GREAT.
a lot of games won`t be as GREAT as they sound.

assassins creed seem to be great.

but some of the other games that are supposes to be as great as AC won`t.

this GEN everything LOOKS great.

mighty_douche4869d ago

dude i thin he was implying that alot of people lately have worried about AC, some strange previews have come out, getting gamers nervous. now the first TRUE review of the game quenches those fears and worries.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4869d ago

a MASSIVE misunderstanding.

move along.

mighty_douche4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

for EVERYONE....

lets try not to let another happy thread slip into fanboy hell huh?

EDIT: cheers kuest.

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The story is too old to be commented.