Shouldn’t Xbox Live Be Free By Now?

The cost of gaming seems to be spiraling upwards, almost unnoticed…

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Dailynch3380d ago

It's a fair point, but I'd still rather have to pay for Live to get all its features (which IMO are better than the PS3s), the security and its established community. All things I think are worth the cash. I don't think I've even used the voice chat function on my PS3!

Madusha3380d ago

The Xbox 360 would be a whole lot better if Xbox Live was free. Do it Microsoft!

Anarki3380d ago

Who the hell are you trying to kid saying xbox live is more secure than the PSN?

StanLee3380d ago

Why would Microsoft make XBox Live free when consumers have shown a readiness to pay for the service and gold subscriptions increase annually? How is that good business?! Really, where is the common sense in making XBL free?

Iroquois_Pliskin3379d ago

So throw a well designed GUI and everybodys willing to pay for it....

FunAndGun3379d ago

I got a 360 as a gift....and I would use it if online was free.

tplarkin73379d ago

You get what you pay for. (Unless you're a PS+ subscriber.)

sphinct3379d ago

Xbox Live will remain a paid service as long as there are people willing to pay for it. The only way it will ever be free is if Xbox Gamers suddenly stopped renewing en-masse. Demand dictates price.

gaffyh3379d ago

It will NEVER be free as long as people will pay for subscriptions, and even pay an increased price after a few years. If the subscribers go down, they'll reduce the price.

zinkabass3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

@tplarkin7 : We get much more than we pay for with PSN+,..I don't see you guys getting free games, DLC, betas, discounts and shit, for your 30-40usd (or is it 60 now?),.. And it is not mandatory.

The problem lies in what you would not get, if you weren't paying MS,.. I personally think it is illegal what MS is doing with you guys,... Don't want to even express what I think and how I feel about 360 consumers,.. because I would get perma-banned,..

SilentNegotiator3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

So yesterday, you're writing/submitting an article declaring (PS3) exclusives are over because 1 of 3 of Insomniac's upcoming titles aren't PS3 exclusive, and now you're doing damage control against your own site? WTF?

And don't pretend like Security is a reason. LIVE wasn't the network attacked by a bunch of hacker-enthusiasts with self-righteous goals that have downed several sites and networks. When LIVE is ATTACKED by Anonymous (Lulzsec or whatever the heck they were calling themselves at the time) and MS successfully stops them in their tracks, THEN you can tell me that security and cross chat justifies $60 a year.

BrianG3379d ago


I don't know about illegal, but it certainly does raise some questions.

Why pay full price for video games when you don't get the full product, single player and multiplayer?

So you are effectively paying twice for the multiplayer piece of the game, given you were interested in the multiplayer section.

As Daily said, he pays for the features. I feel if you are going to pay $60 for BF3 like me on PS3 you should be able to play the online piece without being charged again, that means without Gold. Or at least pay less than $60 for the game on 360 since your paying for Live. You can see where that causes issues.

Live's differentiating features that you pay for are essentially cross game chat, "early demo's" which aren't really early in comparison to PSN like they used to be, and that's about all I can think of even though I'm sure I missed a few ancillary features. That is what you should pay for, not online play.

But those are just my thoughts.

Philoctetes3379d ago

No reason for Microsoft to make XBL free when people have shown a strong willingness to pay for it. Heck, they just raised the price by $10 last year.

ChrisGTR13379d ago

LOL @ people still hoping that M$ will switch live to free. its never going to happen.

blackbeld3379d ago

It should be for free.
Why pay for play online when you already pay for you're provider.
I bought ps3 because of free online and exclusives games.

AAACE53379d ago

My Live subscription is ending in mid july... At this point, I don't plan on renewing it! I may change my mind, but I really don't buy enough games to justify the price!

All the while my Ps3 is just sitting there with free online gaming.

The main feature I use is Netflix, and i'm starting to like the setup for it on Ps3. I can't use ESPN 3 because I don't have cable anymore. I probably won't be able to use the IPTV when it's released for the same reason as espn. There haven't been many demos released. I stopped using voice chat over a year ago.

I can go on and on. I like the features the 360 has, but i'm just getting tired of paying for them when I can get most of this sh*t for free!

EDIT: See... That's why I say I may change my mind! I just tried to use Netflix on my Ps3 and it was unavailable! This has been happening for the past 3 days!

I have 16 days to decide which direction to go, but it will be a hard one!

Rhythmattic3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )


Disagree's for wanting free online gameplay !!!

Forget the rest.... After all, isn't that what people paid out on about the PS3 ?


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DaThreats3380d ago

What does the 360 have online that PS3 doesn't have online?
Cross game chat?
Pay 60$ for one year just for one feature?

dark-hollow3380d ago

to be fair.... i dont like the idea of pay-for-play but i gotta admit, the xbox live (imo) feels more polished and got better services than the psn.
cross game chat and party chat is awesome and let be honest here... if there is one thing this gen that ms got right is the XBL and the psn wouldnt be like today without xbl pushing sony to up their online service.

xPhearR3dx3380d ago

There's more to XBL than X game chat. You would know that if you had an Xbox. Basic things like voice messages can't be done on a PS3, or being able to try every arcade and indie game on the market before you buy it.

kikizoo3379d ago

"voice messages" ? lol, ps3 has video messages, video chat, internet browser, not only p2p, and a lot of thing xbl don't have...but the most important difference : it's free.

Blacktric3379d ago

"ps3 has video messages, video chat, internet browser, not only p2p, and a lot of thing xbl don't have.."

Video chat is also available on Xbox 360 with Live Camera or Kinect. What do you mean by not only P2P? And that internet browser is horrible for God's sake. Stop counting it as a "definitive" feature against Xbox Live. It's pathetic. The reason I like Xbox Live is it's community. Does PSN have a dedicated community like Rooster Teeth or Of course not.

BattleAxe3379d ago


Well at least the PS3 has a web browser, unlike the 360 which is kinda weird since MS is the big software giant :/

IRetrouk3379d ago

dont know where you have been but you can get a trial version of ever psn arcade game before you buy, infact to buy the ful game you have to download the trail first.

omi25p3379d ago

Way i see it is that while im on xbox im in party chat, i arrange meet ups ect with friends and family in party chat. I dont use my phone at all, if i was to spend the amount of time on my phone that i do in party chat i would be paying a hell of alot more than £30 a year.

Aarix3379d ago

Well you need a 360 to understand. All these features are well integrated into both dashboards and is very convent to go through everything. It's a bit more cumbersome on the ps3.

IRetrouk3379d ago

those 5 disagrees must be from peps that dont own a ps3, every arcade game i have has a trail to go with it.

kreate3379d ago

how come nobody mentions the ps3's cross game text chat? xbl doesnt have that.

plus most ppl like texting. i like to text chat. not voice. but that just me.
u know ... thats why most people text msg each other than voice calling?

mastiffchild3379d ago

Well, dress it up any way you want to but the fact is Live is a massive con and we only have ourselves(myself included) for it's existence(the sub that is) as we paid it. We shouldn't have but we did and ow it'd take some going back on. Certainly, the difference between what I can do on PSN(and, christ, think about PC and how good onine games can be there with more dedicateds-and even PSN as the free service boasts a good few more games with dedicated servers than the paid for Live does and to me that's a true gaming advantage which MS should ensure changes if they want me, and others who feel P2P is BS, to return and even THINK about paying the outrageous sum they ask for on top of the exorbitant fees we already pay to ISPs these days)and what I can do on Live isn't worth a full retail game per year-it's just not and the fact qwe still pay for it should worry us all-how have they talked us into paying them for online gaming when it's both free and totally superior on PC and even on PSN there's areas where Live isn't the best service?

We really need to stand up to MS over this as, seriously, there's no way of justifying what they have done as it's blatant profiteering. Had MS ensured that EVERY game on Live had dedicated servers I'd admit they had something, maybe, worth paying a LITTLE for but when even THEY know they're taking the piss(and they do otherwise we wouldn't have the weaksauce over celebrations whenever they introduce yet another fripperie nobody would ever have cared about to the sub service(like the crappy bloody FB integration-who cares enough about that to even THINK about it being worth paying for?))why on Earth would all of us feel good bout shelling put for something that we already paid for AND other platforms don't ask us to pay for at all?

I have no axe to grind with MS myself(even have a lot of sympathy for the way they were badly advised in Japan this generation-whoever advised them over exclusives and advertising strategy needs sacking pronto really)but I never felt good about paying a Gold sub and since I stropped doing so I can scarcely believe that I ever wasted the money on it. Halo, I guess, having such an amazing fanbase and eager to pay with each other does give MS a bit of a ho9ld over their gamers but I think they massively take advantage over this issue.

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blumatt3380d ago

LOL Really?... You WANT to pay MS money? You say you'd "rather have to pay for Live to get all its features."? Why? You must make a hell of alot more money than me man, cause I'm a little more reluctant to give away money to someone who's giving me little more than other gaming services that are free (i.e., PSN, Steam). I'll be completely frank here. If XBL were free, I'd be MUCH more willing to get a 360. (BTW, I did have one awhile back, but sold it due to lack of exclusives. I could get all the multiplats on PS3.)

firemassacre3380d ago

props, im a working man too blumatt

dark-hollow3380d ago

you gotta be rich to pay 5$ a month???

falout3379d ago

I have a quite a few 5 bucks in my pocket and my account right now, I must be close to bill gates status! Lol.

On topic

I would love for live to be free but its not, and just like sony fanatics swear up and down tt ps3 graphics are miles ahead of the 360 then imo live is miles ahead of psn. Their is always something going on in live, break night playing this game play against the devs etc psn just seems dead most of the time.

Veni Vidi Vici3379d ago

It's not about having $5 a month. It's about getting nickle and dimed to death. If you had to deal with the real world, you'd know that by now. Monthly fees for TV, internet, phone, utilities, insurance.....I could keep going. It all adds up. It's people that think, "It's only $5 a month" that helped create the debt crisis we're in in the U.S. People think they can afford it since it doesn't look like much, but then all the other bills and expenses come along and add up.

Why should people have to pay for something that others offer for free? MS won't change it because it's their cash cow, but it is a little ridiculous that so many people fall for the nickle and dime routine that everyone is doing.

If MS wants to keep charging for Live, that's fine but they need to add some extra features that make it worth it because Sony and Steam have almost everything they have for free.

falout3379d ago

@ veni

Seriously? Look I'm not going to act like I'm rich cause I'm very far from it. But if you can't handle your bills plus 5 bucks then why are you spending 60plus on games????

Some ppl like me think live is worth it and pay for it you may not see the value and swear that psn is the same but not everyone shares that same feeling.

Wtf does live have to do with debt crisis??? We are in the shut hole we are in cause we have a bunch of fucking crooks handling our money. Remember the bail out? When they got that money did you know that they spent it on private jets and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on vacation limos cars etc and no one stood up but now you want to say we are in a crisis over live nickeling every one to death. You must feel that this new tax hike of 6.35% has to do with everyone being ok with nickel and dimeing.

I pay property tax car tax utilities ins gas and all the other modern day slavery bills we have to pay and still think that live isn't too expensive I will say that this is the most I will ever pay for it and I don't care what else they add to it to justify another price hike.

Sam Fisher3379d ago

no body is getting the point, i own both 360 and ps3 and i must say, im selling my 360 for skyrim on ps3. 360 and ps3 arent too much different when it goes down to service. the chat stuff... thats probably it. video is in both, music in both, arcade is in both, 360 has chat, and ps3 has blu ray, and online for free. facebook free, netflix service on ps3 free, 360 is making you pay for no reason, chat? 60$. are you retarded?

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lelo2play3380d ago

Why would it be free ? As long as there are people willing to pay, Microsoft will continue charging for live.

Anderson83379d ago

true stories.. it should be advert free if your paying for it though

a_squirrel3379d ago

They are paying because they HAVE to pay to play online.

jeeves863379d ago

@ Anderson8

I definitely agree, it should be like smartphone apps. Advertisements for the free versions, ad-free for the premium service.

dark-hollow3380d ago

in 2007-2008 when the psn was no where near the xbl it was justified to pay the 60 every year, but now when the gap is very close that comparing the both is subjective then MS SHOULD make XBL free

TyrionL3380d ago

Bullsh%t, I use both services many times a week, and PSN is nowhere close to being as good (intuitive at least) as Live. The interface alone make it better, I can go find anything I want on Live easily, I can't do the same thing on PSN. The perfect example to show how much easier Live is than PSN is let a 8-Year-old try to find the same thing on each service. I guarantee he finds it on Live in less time. Is it worth the money? It is to me, but I can see how it wouldn't be to everyone.

Scary693380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )


WTF are you trying to find that you cannot find easily? Because PSN is as easier as it gets to finding things. I have yet to see any difference between psn and live other then cross game chat and voice message( which is seems its coming to PSN). Other then that I still see no justification in paying $60 a year.

vickers5003379d ago

"The interface alone make it better"

I absolutely HATE the NXE interface, and was pissed when they took away the blades interface. The NXE looks like sh** and is an ugly coverflow knockoff, not to mention those incredibly stupid avatars that you're forced to look at.

NXE is ugly.

xPhearR3dx3379d ago

When I saw the title i figured id have to say this, thanks for doin it for me :P

chaos-lockheart3379d ago

lol, you would know the security is better because what, it never been hacked? im sure it is, just don't know it. even if its not hacked now you wont know it can happen at any time, nothings safe. But i will give you this one though, live really established a great community, either its little kids yelling or people screaming and immature people 40 still acting like they are 5.

Aarix3379d ago

Haha trust ne there's kids on Psn too and theirs alot more grown assholes than anything.

chaos-lockheart3379d ago

@Aarix well apparently i dont hear no one talking on mic that much, either not many people uses this feature on psn, i might be wrong, but 10 people don't count

MaximusPrime3379d ago

You're right, chaos lockheart.

That's why I prefer PSN. less chitchat, more excitement.
I encountered some foul-mouthed kids but that's very rare.

I used to have xbox live, service was awesome but online community were awful.

SnipeySnake3379d ago

Straight up fanboy. How about they just let you play games online for free, AND THEN when you want those features, you can pay for them.

falout3379d ago

Can't argue with that. When you separate bothe services, online play and the other features.

I wouldn't pay for it if online play was free but as a package the way live is right now, IMO, is second to none. Appearntly I'm not the only one either sinc live has just as many if not more online players as psn. I guess ms just had the right resources and marketing im sure the full gen experience live has over psn helps too kind of how Sony has the game dev, presence, and console experience over ms.

If I can creat my own package on everything, ppfff, I would have it made! Only if I can have a car ins that if I have no claims for 5 years I get 80% of my money back. I wish I can only pay for like 10 channels I like with my cable provider. In other words when that something is very popular in demand they have the upper hand in doing the package the way they want to, they will never please every one but if you can get a whole lot of ppl that hand full that you couldn't please just doesn't matter.

It's just the way things are.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3379d ago

Of *course* you would say that. No 360 faithful will ever admit that XBL should have free options as well.

chaos-lockheart3379d ago

they are just trying to make them selves feel better, cause they dont want to feel dumb, i will just play my 360 offline. till its free or add in somthing worth while im not paying a thing.

CrimsonEngage3379d ago

I agree. You know what they say. "The best things in life aren't free".

a_squirrel3379d ago

I was born with my parents, friends and family. I'd agree if I had to pay for mine too.

Darkfocus3379d ago

you know the actual quote is the best things in life "are" free right.... 9_9

gamingdroid3379d ago

I'm actually glad MS don't. As much as I like free stuff, let's face it, when was the last time free local TV channels was great?

Xbox Live is a premium (read costly) service, but it continually gives you new features that later trickles to other platforms. You also get a dedicated team to fight cheaters as well as a community that have gamers more invested into their account as they can't just sign up for a new account without repercussions to their wallet!

Right now, features such as LiveTV/DVR and ESPN isn't something anyone else is pushing consoles so I'm fine with paying $40/annually for the benefits. That said, there are free options out there if you want that and it is called PSN!

fr0sty3379d ago

Daily, while I agree those added features are nice, they still should allow you to play for free and charge for access to those extra features.

dantesparda3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

"Shouldn’t Xbox Live Be Free By Now?"

NO!!! As a matter of fact it should be more, cuz im a stupid fanboy who thinks its so worth it and think its the greatest thing on earth. PSN doesnt even come close to it, its like comparing Atari 2600 to Xbox 360

But seriously, i think XBL is such a rip off! That i wont buy games for the 360 cuz i know i wont get the whole game. One PS3 if the game has online, i get to play it for the price i paid for the game. With the 360 i dont, so i lose the online portion of the game. And i refuse to pay for XBL. I dont care if Live was 1 cent a month, it should be free, PERIOD!

showtimefolks3379d ago

online play
download stuff demos,videos etc,,,

all on psn

cross game chat
arcade market

on xblive

you decide what is worth paying for.

life has been so busy that i only play games few hours each week some times so for me free psn is better to sometimes get the taste of online

other than that to each his own


hiredhelp3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

sais the halo avatar guy.

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Zir03380d ago

It will only become free when a competitor offers comparable features.

Madusha3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

You don't think the PS3 is a competitor offering (fairly) comparable features?

Madusha3380d ago

It might not be the best but it gets the job done...rite? Xbox Live definitly takes the trophy but PSN is still a competitor so in order to completely take the lead over PSN, Xbox Live should be free!

Death3380d ago

Ugh...PSN. I find it amazing that Sony still has so far to go with their online offering. The only people who think PSN is "good" have never played over Live or don't play online. I would love free Xbox Live, but at this point I would be happy to pay $50 a year for PSN not to suck so bad.


TyrionL3380d ago

@ Madusha
I agree with your statements 100%. While PSN, to ME, isn't as good as Live, it does get the job done, and no having a fee makes it all the more attractive. I use both, and I like both, but I would be lying if I said they are the same. I can't deny that they are both enough though, and PSN works great for what you need it to.

dantesparda3377d ago

@ Death, stop with the melodrama, XBL is not that much better than PSN, you fanboys need to get over it. Everything is always over exaggerated

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firemassacre3380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

1. MAG - PLAYERS 256. PS3 (YES) (360 N0)
2. WEB BROWSER PS3 (YES) (360 N0)

"the security and its established community"
ps3 dos not have an established community? i mean 50 million people is not established?