Madden NFL 07 breaks record

Madden NFL 07 recorded $100 million worth of sales in it's first week according to a release by EA. The estimated number of games sold was a record for the series at two million copies.

"We put a ton of innovation into Madden NFL 07 from new game modes and controls to NFL Superstar Hall of Fame," said Todd Sitrin, EA Vice President of Marketing...

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Bishop5876d ago

I sure hope they add more depth to the PS3 version because the 360 version was lacking some of the options I used to enjoy. Why can't I move my team and build new stadiums or redesign my teams logo and jerseys? Why is the superstar mode so dull? I am happy EA's sales are high but I really wish they would add more depth to these games. I sure hope SVR2007 will have a plethora of options added instead of half of the options that the current gen systems have.

Microsoft Master5876d ago

Why people waste their hard-earned money on the same recycled crap year after year confuses me. I'll save my cash for decent deserving games...