Has next-gen technology brought perfect likenesses to gaming?

Photorealistic visuals have been a goal for developers since the beginning of time. Or thereabouts. So with so much effort being put towards replicating realism, people would have thought that the new crop of super-powered hi-def consoles would finally make it possible for gamers to enjoy a blurring of the line between reality and virtuality. But are they?

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ape0074867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

after that the graphics just push the boundaries of that skill.

GIJeff4867d ago

but thats to be expected...right?

thomas05064867d ago

No console will ever match perfectly but they do get better!! as technology improves so will the gfx!! so in a few yrs time they will get better :D

Cuthroat4867d ago

The problem with getting in a perfect likeness is that the game will actually start to degrade as we notice all the little things that are not perfect. A good example is racing games - if there are jaggies or a minor flaw in the car then it can hurt the authenticity of the game and be a glaring defect, whereas before when playing racing video games in the past there was more to enjoy than the authenticity, such as in Out Run and Pole Position.

Bloodmask4867d ago

which is expected. But even with all the motion capture, upped polygon counts, and better textures the human models still look lifeless. They have yet to capture the facial expressions correctly to portray emotion.

GIJeff4866d ago

how sad. You need a PS3. Resistance shows emotion, Ratchet shows emotion(even though its not really human), heavenly sword shows emotion, KZ2 shows it, and uncharted definitely shows it. But you're right, master chief does not show emotion, either do the people in GOW....i think its time for someone to upgrade.

The_Engineer4866d ago

I was about to say this bloodmask guy needs to play heavenly sword, their emotions are so lifelike it's creepy sometimes.

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The story is too old to be commented.