PS Vita Using Facial Recognition

The Vita, it’s all about the love of touching things in ultra HD. There’s something about smoothly gliding your fingers across the back of a shining black thing, that just feels right. However, getting you to enjoy the touching isn’t the only thing the PS Vita can do.

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bwazy2665d ago

Ooooo so does this mean I could somehow give a sexy wink and my favourite game will launch? I kid I kid.

Yay more features! I'm almost set on buying this. The only reason I wouldnt is because of Skyrim and Guildwars 2 taking up ALL of my gaming time.

Cloudberry2665d ago

I want to customize the 3D avatar's facial design with custom default designs of Kartos, Helghast, a Chimera, or even Drake, and Solid / Old Snake...

The 3D animated facial tiger & little girl doll is as great as in the video.

Ddouble2665d ago

Very interesting although thats one funny webcam chat going on.

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