gamrReview: Red Faction Armageddon

Gordon Bryant of gamrReview: "I don't want to waste any time here, I'm just going to tell you that Red Faction: Armageddon is fun. No matter what else I say about the game, I want you to know that above all else I had fun from beginning to end, and that's what really matters. The Red Faction series has always made its mark on gaming by using its surprisingly robust physics engine that allows you to alter the terrain in any way you desire, which up to this point has pretty much consisted of blowing buildings up and digging holes to bury yourself in. This may be the only defining feature of the series, but it's well done enough that it's still fun."

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RememberThe3573770d ago

This game is sadly boring. I've loved this series since the first game but this game sucked. Its was uninspired and gimmicky. I was really disappointing by it.