David Jaffe Asks the Press to Stop "Making Stuff Up"

Legendary game director, David Jaffe, asks the press to be more professional.

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Laxman2162668d ago

Good stuff. As a journo myself, I must admit its tempting to take things out of context for a good story, but anyone worth thier wieght in this field wont deface or defame developers or publishers for hits, that's just wrong.

Criminal2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Exactly, your readers will remember that you fooled them once, and they won't fall for it again. In the process, you're just destroying the integrity of every article you will ever write.

You know, the internet is written in INK.


Warprincess1162668d ago

Yep and Hiphopgamer is a perfect example of that.

Wenis2668d ago

How about David Jaffe just stops talking. he never seems to have anything of importance to say anyways.

Biggest2668d ago

Yeah. He's clearly the only one (that you care to mention because you secretly love him). Did you know that Insomniac proved the death of exclusive games? Have you heard that the PS4 is being revealed early next year? Did you know that the iPad is a better gaming system than the PSP AND PSV? I learned all of those untrue things on this very website over the past few days. HipHipGamer didn't write any of those articles.

Mustang300C20122668d ago

No but Hiphopgamer will argue to the death that his 480p EDTV displays HD. Or how about his latest about how sales are higher for Battlefield 3 vs MW3. Yes lets go by what HHG says cause he just knows what he knows.

Hockeydud192667d ago

Of course you can't forget that he stated the mods for skyrim "ARE" coming to consoles.

InfectedDK2667d ago

Lol Wenis that made my day.. Teh mans a legend man.. Let him speak.. Atleast I'll be playing his game, hopefully very soon :b

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Nitrowolf22668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Yup and i'll admit sometimes it is tempting. But lets be real here. It's his twitter account, he can say anything he wants and because he says something that he doesn't have anything connected to (he doesn't state it) doesn't mean everyone should go out of their way and try to connect the dots. Stupid Journal List know they are doing it and they don't care.

It's stupid seeing sites miss interpret tweets and quotes. It not only makes them look bad, but it causes developers to go out their way to clear things up.

BakedGoods2668d ago

The gaming industry is particularly bad for this.

femshep2668d ago

ahhh legendary good time good times

really its the only horrid game i keep to for my friends to play and live the same experience i did...and white snake just made it ridiculous

Otheros002668d ago

Ah, yes. Like the time someone claim how the 360 version of FFXIII will be better than the ps3 version.

NegativeCreep4272668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

from past-gen to current-gen, it would all make sense.

But of course, in the real rational gamer world, that is just F'n ridiculous.

All the Xbox 360 sycophants better hope, pray, and believe that Microsoft will come along with a more advanced media storage format for their next console. If you don't, then you might as well be confident in nothing else but the Sega Dreamcast!

Pedobear Rocks2668d ago

His problem isn't truly with 'the press' (which implies journalistic training and standards) but with assmunch bloggers running their mouths off with no care for truth reality or standards....anything to get 'hits'.

CharlesDCI2668d ago

The "press" has done this too..

Laxman2162668d ago

Yes, those asshats who run thier own little blogs and do biased and opinionated reviews are usually the ones who take things out of context and try to make some cheap hits, but big press sites also do a lot of damage. Mainly becuase so many smaller independant blog journos take thier info from the larger sites.

Mustang300C20122668d ago

Great this guy did the twisted metal game and all of a sudden he is legendary. Yes legendary of running his mouth. Focus on the F'ing game so that we if the game doesn't perform as expected we won't have to here all the excuses how you kept getting distracted outside of development. I am looking forward to playing Twisted Metal but please STFU.

Urrakia342668d ago

Without Jaffe, there would be no Twisted Metal.

Without Jaffe, there would be no God of War.

I'd say that's pretty legendary.

nikola9872667d ago

He is a great developer, it's a fact, but he is also a big dickhead :)
But generally speaking, crazy people are more creative :)

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