IGN: Gears of War PC First Impressions and Screens

Nearly a year later, Epic's massive 2006 hit, Gears of War, is almost out on PC, bringing along some additional content. It's got some added single player content, three new multiplayer maps, a new game mode, and a map editor. In 2006, Gears of War was such a big success for many reasons, including but not limited to the marriage of enjoyable gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a massive marketing campaign. Now on PC, a lot of the freshness has worn off. The game's still gorgeous and offers an impressive feature set, the best of which is online co-operative play, but many of the little quirks of gameplay are still in there.

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thomas05064004d ago

Wish i could play this on my pc but.. my pc is kinda lacking in performance. But this game will be a hit among pc gamers, just like it was on the 360. The added content will make this game even greater!!! the screens dont do this great game justice, in reality they are much better.

fermcr4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

This game is in my Christmas List :)

magera4003d ago

games such as this, crysis and cod4. will have to do an upgrade to play these but should be worth it.

mighty_douche4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

well still waiting for me 2 8800GT's to come through the mail (bloody delays)!

pc never went anywhere, it just seems that the big companies are trying to show whats capable on a pc, but obviously a hig end pc. games like crysis where designed and even part funded ny companies like nvidia, is it any surprise that crysis releases one week after nvidias new GT, a high end card and good money. i just think the pc big wigs have had enough of consoles getting all the hits lately, its time to show what can really be done. i cant wait for Far Cry 2, i think thats gonna be the benchmark game for years to come.

jinn4003d ago

everything looks the same plus nobody wants to play this on a computer, it would just be too complex

pointystick4003d ago

Funny, I scroll through hordes of comments even from console gamers wanting to play it due to the extra content.