The Digital Bits View on the $98 hd-dvd player

How in the world does Toshiba think it's ever going to make any money from the HD-DVD format? I mean, seriously.

You may have heard by now that Toshiba has made pre-Black Friday arrangements with Wal-Mart to effectively dump its HD-A2 HD-DVD player starting this Friday (this weekend only) for just $98.87. You may also have heard that Best Buy has followed suit. Supplies are limited, of course, and the offer is apparently not valid in some parts of the country that have state anti-dumping laws.

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PimpHandHappy4911d ago

and if you think it doesnt ur a blind fanboy

Bladestar4911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

You my friend are a lemming and a fanboy.... blind one to be more exact... here is my reason why...

Not even 1 year ago... Sony released their blu-ray player for over $1,000.... not even 6 months ago... the PS3 price was drop by $100 just be get another $100 price drop with the release of the 40GB SKU....

Today blu-ray players are more than $600 less than one year ago..
Toshiba finacial report? Sony finacial report? the amount of money Sony is losing to push blu-ray is a clear indication that they are bleeding money left and right... why is sony willing to lose money and reduce the price? if toshiba can finantialy reduce the cost of HD DVD player without bleeding as much money as sony because HD DVD players cost less to manufacture... why not?

Desperate? You have double standards... when Sony drop the price is always a good move... when another company does it it's desperation... which one is it?

I tell you... it's business.. companies reduce price as needed...
Specially when it comes to Sony which just annouced they will be dropping the price of the blu-ray player... you should not be talking about price drop as an indication of desperation... I think sony broke the record as far as price drop frequency..

ActionBastard4911d ago

It's not a price drop. It's a "sale", temporary at that. And if Sony went from a $499 price point to $99 overnight, you'd say it was desperate. Why not just accept it for what it is, a last ditch effort.

suedester4911d ago

Haha, Bladestar did you even read the article? This is the best indication yet that Toshiba are running out of ideas. Have you not noticed that no other manufacturer is prepared to make HD DVD players? I wonder why that could be.....

Snukadaman4911d ago

yeaa I love this desperation it.


We are talking about price drop from $499 to $99(from manufacture suggested price earlier this year, not the price Toshiba used later in the year to fight with BR according to the article.), this is dumping. Sony cut PS3 price from 599 to 499, this is not dumping.

Its doesnt really matter if Toshiba can do it only during black friday, its only matter if Toshiba can sustain that price for years.

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SIX4911d ago

but they are in a desperate situation. This move shows alot of weakness in the confidence of the HD DVD format.

Lionsguard4911d ago

How else are they going to counter the new PS3 SKU with Free Spiderman3?

lodossrage4911d ago

Because they're going to go into these walmart and best buy stores thinking to themselves "oh wow hd dvd for only $99"

And they'll be suckered into buying those cheap players that can' even do 1080p just to learn that the majority of things they might want are only on blu ray

Kholinar4911d ago

from cnet: 1080i vs 1080p

"To be sure, both 1080i and 1080p offer exactly the same amount of detail, the only difference is that with a 1080i signal, your HDTV will need to de-interlace the signal. So the only reason you'd want 1080p over 1080i is if the HD DVD player offered better de-interlacing than your HDTV.

The simple answer is yes, 1080p output can make a difference, but it depends on what TV you have. For example, we used Silicon Optix's HQV HD DVD test suite, and looked at the two players at their maximum resolutions on the Samsung LN-T4665F--an excellent HDTV overall, but we knew it had some issues with 1080i de-interlacing. Not surprisingly, we saw significant differences in the way the two players handled those test patterns on this TV. For example, on the Video Resolution Loss Test with the HD-A2, one of the boxes had a strobe-like effect, while the same box was stable with the HD-XA2. The same thing happened on the Film Resolution test. We also saw a significant difference on the Diagonal Filter "Jaggies" test, with three pivoting lines having nearly no artifacts on the HD-XA2 but two of the lines having noticeable artifacts on the HD-A2.

Despite these differences with test patterns, however, we found it difficult to find any noticeable difference with program material. We checked out the difficult Chapter 9 from Aeon Flux, for example, and both players looked the same on the Samsung TV. It's safe to say that with most HDTVs, the differences between the appearance of HD DVD discs at 1080i and at 1080p will be slight.

Is it worth spending the extra money? That depends on how well your own set does 1080i de-interlacing and how much you value squeezing just a little more performance out of your home theater."

Bladestar4911d ago

if someone have the money to buy a TV capable of pushing 1080P.. that means...

A) They have the money and have no problem getting a more expensive SKU.

B) already have an HD player.. probably early adopter and paid $600-$1000 for an HD Player...

and here it comes the undeniable truth...

for the price of 1 blu-ray player one can get 4 HD DVD players.. and watch HD movies even in the bathroom... what? you have 4 HD TV that support 1080P?

do you have an HD TV that supports 1080P? show me the picture (with you name tagged)... would like to see it... and if you do.. congratulation.... you a very small percent of people that care.

ActionBastard4911d ago

"for the price of 1 blu-ray player one can get 4 HD DVD players"
What part of temporary sale do you not understand? Quit trying to spin it like a price break.

Bonsai12144911d ago

you'll get an ugly picture if you watch a fast paced movie in 1080i. most of you probably know how progressive and interlacing work, so i won't bother explaining it. noticeably, you'll get screen tearing (not sure of the official term) because the camera pans quickly and the display speed isn't fast enough to make up for the delay in rendering every other line on the tv.

ironically, the "best" movie which most people will probably buy on hd-dvd is transformers, which unfortunately is a fast paced, fast panning movie, so most people will be like, wtf.

SW4911d ago

I've never experienced any of this "tearing" in my hdtv that I've had for close to five years now. Ghosting maybe but not "tearing". Every sports event comes in crystal clear and perfectly fine. If you have an eagle eye to pick out every other scan line being filled than your quite impressive.

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Bazookajoe_834911d ago

But thats because i can play bluray on my ps3. But i rather buy a hd-dvd player than a add-on for my 360, i hate add-on´s. It´s butt ugly and inconvinient..

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