IGN - PlayStation Plus: Review Score Breakdown

IGN writes:
"Yesterday, I published a financial analysis of PlayStation Plus over its first year. The piece was essentially an objective, by-the-numbers look at PlayStation Plus' offerings over the first 52 weeks of its existence"

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MintBerryCrunch3442d ago

the low "great" category 8.0-8.9

well thank you IGN for reinforcing the idea that games have to be above 9 to be great which this gen has been notorious for

plmkoh3442d ago

Yeah 8.0-8.9 is the new soft-cock approach to reviewing these days. It's a score that not quite offends nor manages to over praises something, so in a sense it pretty much sits on a fence.

Nonetheless, I can't see the point of reviewing the PSN plus service, it's either you want the free games/cloud service/ discounts or you don't.

jebabcock3442d ago

To me it is all about the early betas access. at least 4 i remember off hand getting in on simply by being a plus subscriber.
UC3, Assassin's Creed, DC Universe, Dead Space.. There have also been early demos for games too.. honestly though the beta access alone is nice, paying 50 bucks to get a feel for a game up to several months before it comes out is worth it... the other free games are just icing on the cake...

NexusCurb3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

IGN- "As noted in my financial analysis of PlayStation Plus, a total of 49 free games were offered in PlayStation Plus' first year."

IGN- "what do you think of PlayStation Plus? Put quite simply, is it worth the money, or isn't it?"

You tell me... is it worth to get 49 FREE games for $49.99?
I don't think IGN should even being doing things like this, when we all know PS+ is well worth. Weather you like it or not, like PSN games, like exclusives Beta, features, and other things or not, that's another thing. But we know it is worth for just $49.99

GrandTheftZamboni3442d ago

For someone like me who used to subscribe to Qore, that's like additional $30 off with Plus.

IHateYouFanboys3442d ago

i just 'cashed in' my free month of Plus from the welcome back package, then the very next day my PS3 got the YLOD lol.

who knows, if i liked what Plus gave me i might have ended up keeping my subscription. now ill never know, as im not buying a new PS3 until the price drop which most likely wont fall within the next 20-odd days unfortunately.

Parapraxis3442d ago

What is your PSN ID? I'll add you and when you get that new PS3 you can confirm (u need to troll harder btw)