Assassin's Creed Xbox 360 Q&A

Producer Jade Raymond answers a few questions in light of this promising action game's recently unveiled multiplatform development.

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rj815867d ago

Sounds like the 360/PS3 version will be a bit different.

specialguest5867d ago

here is a good game to do a comparison between 360 and PS3 in terms of graphics, special features, advantage/disadvantage, etc.

BoneMagnus5867d ago

I've been waiting for this. It will be a good comparison as opposed to a game from EA.

TheMART5867d ago

It's another good thing to add on the list that makes the new Sony marketingline:


subtitle: got killed by the 360

Marriot VP5867d ago

who was it, sony or ubisoft saying this was PS3 exclusive.

Microsoft Master5867d ago

Sony probably paid them to keep hush. Sony is desperate!!

Bishop5865d ago

As long as Sony has its key games FF, Suikoden, GOW, MGS and then many games that Sony developes they are in no real trouble. Besides many devolpers are already saying that the PS3 has a bit better graphics then the 360 and the system isn't even out. This is good for MS fans though it will allow them to play a great game but I will buy this for PS3 and not for my 360 because I am assuming the PS3 version will be better. Of course we will see for sure in the upcomming months.