IGN - Uncharted 3 Beta: What Wows, What Needs Work

"The beta for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception went live on Tuesday for PlayStation Plus members and folks with vouchers from Infamous 2. So many people tried to download it, the PlayStation Store slowed to a crawl and the beta itself had a number of problems."

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jdfoster003443d ago

Great article this and totally agree with it!

Kur03443d ago

Yeah they make a lot of good points, the melee is a little weird for me too.

zeeshan3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

OK so I am simply going to beg for it. Can someone please give me excess to U3 beta codes? I mean, seriously, c'mon! Someone must have an extra code!!!!!

Oh and just before someone calls me cheap, please remember that someone of us can't really afford everything such ss PS Plus and day on release of every other game (Infamous 2)

JAPS3KHLBP143443d ago

i personally love the direction ND is going with U3's MP but if i had one compliant of a couple i would say the melee. there's many times where i try to punch to someone and i think im close enough and i don't make contact.

Pixel_Pusher3443d ago


head over to the ND forums and try your luck there.

Pixel_Pusher3443d ago

I'm undecided on the beta at the moment. I miss the speediness of UC2 but when I have games like this I love it! haha

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MidnytRain3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

The co-op structure is confusing. Apparently, we need to finish the objectives, but we have a time limit, too. I can't tell if we still win when the time runs out. Also, I'd like the option to play only Survival, etc. instead of the grab bag. It needs to be more challenging too.

Another thing, cooperation among the team is MANDATORY in Siege. Even if the stupid guy is dead, you'll have to wait for him to respawn and hope he cooperates. I think ND "casualized" co-op, because they put in a respawn timer instead of having us wait with bigger consequences for acting idiotic.

Enjoying the beta as a whole, though.

jdfoster003443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

There will be a survival only co-op mode when the full game ships. It was confirmed in an interview with one of the dogs. If I find the interview I will pm you on here with the link to it! :)

Jacobster3442d ago

You can actually finish the co-op mode if you have a good team. There is 10 rounds as per usual but you have that damn time limit :D

MrSpace3443d ago

Does he really feel or does anyone feel like they need powerplays to keep them going when your loosing. It sounds like the reason he dosen't go online much because he's a sore loser. It's not like you've lost, you team's no big deal you just know to try harder next time, you still get medal points from it so it's not like you get nothing out of match that's been lost.

Be honest does anyone here really work as a team in 2v2v2....most of the time I play my supposed "buddy" goes off on his own, so do I...even the other team I've hardly ever seen people with their "buddy2 unless they are friends in real life playing with each other on chat.

MidnytRain3443d ago

Playing with a friend is how I thought Three Team Deathmatch was suppposed to be played. DOUBLE BEAST FTW.

HxCGamer3443d ago

my bud and I communicate as much as possible and we always come in second or first!

its fun when u play as a team

Game0N3443d ago

wow i actually for once agree with greg miller, perhaps the world has turned.

HeavenlySnipes3443d ago

Like I said before, the spawning in the plane sequence needs to change. Everyone should only have 1 life during it. Once one team dies out fully, the match should transition to the next part. I can't say how many times the other team would spawn in front me if I stayed on the boat from the beginning.