Will Microsoft's One, Two, Three Punch Save The 360 In Japan?

The last two days in Japan: Cheaper Xbox 360 goes on sale, discounted THE [email protected] goes on sale and today, Ace Combat 6 goes on sale. For a console as something that didn't appeal to Japanese gamers, there seems to be a lot appealing about it of late: THE [email protected] has a rabid hardcore fan base, while AC6 has an across-the-board built-in audience. Releasing them bang bang, right after each other is aggressive on Microsoft's part. Does Kotaku think that these titles will help the 360 in Japan? No. The PlayStation brand is way too strong. But do they think these titles will help sales? Definitely.

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PimpHandHappy4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

and IMO

The Japanesse ppl know eltronics and they know a 33% fail rate is totally fukd up


no they wont buy it


Hey William my slim PS2 has about 4-5 years of mad hours and it never broke. If your talking about the disk read error then your a complete idiot. I fixed that myself in under 10min. So if your saying the PS2 was a faulty piece of hardware then i guess your a total fanboy! I never had to send it in and im willing to bet less the 3% of PS2 where sent in for repiar

WilliamRLBaker4868d ago

then pimphand they must have hated the ps2...oh wait it sold immensely over there.

killedinaction94868d ago

William's totally right.The first batch of PS2's had a worse failure rate than the 360.I live in Japan and i dont know one guy whos (first batch)PS2 still works.I dont know about the other countries but in Japan alot of people got f***ed by Sony.They lasted about a year or 2 which wasnt that bad but Sony knew they had a problem and chose to ignore it.

ruibing4868d ago

MS's solution is to drop price on 360, pay for exclusive JRPG, and then drop prices on those. They just want brand recognition in Japan, and they don't care what it takes to get it.

sak5004868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Today finally my 2nd 360 RRODd' I bought may 06. So store warranty is over and have to send it to MS. So back to using my earlier replacement although its NTSC J but plays halo3.

Here's to hoping that i get the newer version ;)

JsonHenry4868d ago

I agree. The PS2 broke just as often as the 360 does. Just the internet was not NEARLY as big as it is today for people to talk about it.

What happened when my first TWO PS2s broke? I had to buy another one. Unlike MS, Sony did not do the right thing and repair/replace faulty consoles.

lonestarmt4868d ago

thats weird. Everyone I know the ps2 hasn't broken. I got my on launch day and it had one problem when dual dvds started to come out it couldn't read them. I called sony and they said that the first ones sent out had some problems so all I had to was pay for shipping and then they would send me a new one. Got it a week later. I guess thats why sony care won those awards eh??

Ps2 did have some problems, but not as bad as the 360 sorry. I started working at target at 15, and work there till I was 21. I work in the electronics for 5 of those years, and we only had to get new ps2s twice. The 360 we had to get new ones about every month. The ps2 never had a 1/3 failure rate sorry.

man how about super nintendo?? my freinds still works till this day, and I got a used one for my girlfriend and it works like a charm.

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Play B3yond4868d ago

But dont agree at all...theres no way xbox 360 will get a name out in japan...and even if it does strike in japan the japanese will look at it like its some sort of a i bet half of them dont even know what an xbox 360 is so why would they trust it?

Play B3yond4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

i wonder if this will be flamebait

Bloodmask4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

in Japan is that neither console has really taken off yet. PS3 is a little over a million sold and 360 at almost half a million.

I don't think the 360 will ever be really big in Japan but Microsoft is puting forth a good effort. They are publishing a lot of JRPGs from Mistwalker Studios as well as securing Infinite Undiscovery from Tri-Ace. They have also obtained previously PS Brand games like DMC, Ace Combat, Resident Evil, Katamari, I'm sure there are more.

Overall Microsoft is making good steps in the right direction. The original Xbox didn't even have close to the amount of Eastern inspired games that the Xbox 360 has.

Kuest4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

My respects.


Ok, so maybe Bloodmask's post wasn't so excellent. I still think he deserves bubbles for being honest.

remix4868d ago

even though all these titles are going to the 360, japenese are more loyal. you might as well count those titles as EXCLUSIVE ON THE PS3 over there because japan would buy the ps3 OVER the 360 for that game. so regardless, there going to be system sellers.

why would the ps3 be selling so much better then the 360 over there?(rhetorical question) even at a higher price. because people are going to stick with sony.

Kuest4868d ago

in terms of how many consoles MS will be able to sell there. Hopefully the 360 manages to achieve 7K per week, but thats even pushing it... However, I think you're missing the main point of Bloodmask's post. You see, had MS not kept the 360 on the Japaneses markets, the company could never have expected to reach the level of software support currently achieved today. Just think, if MS operated solely in America- why would Japanese developer's be interested in making a game exclusively for the 360 as opposed to the PS3? As I stated a thousand times before, MS is using their success abroad to garner the support of Japanese developers so that EVENTUALLY the will have the amount of JAPANESE software necessary to overtake rivaling giants Nintendo, and Sony.

Now, you might say: "those developers are only making games for America". But, how do you explain Blue Dragon, or Lost Odyssey? If you recall the sales number for the summer, Blue Dragon didn't do too well in Japan, but managed to achieve decent sales in the US. Is a light bulb starting to flicker, yet?

Let me break it down for ya. While MS uses TPDs to support their success abroad, those same software firms can concentrate specifically on the Japanese domestic market under the expectation that even IF the game doesn't do well there- a profit will still be achieved due to the game's *expected* success abroad. Meaning, games like Lost Odyssey, while not predicted to be a huge success in Japan- is still a good deal for Mistwalker because of the potential dough he'll be making internationally.

Do you notice something, though? Lost Odyssey is a Japanese-tailored game! Now just imagine if MS can continue this "lose-win" scenario for Japanese publishers. More developers will be willing to take more risks because of the MS-tailored "foreign cushion"- which ultimately will lead to a steady gain for MS in Japan.

MS wouldn't even think of diminishing ties w/ Japan , for they would not only be limiting their potential market audience... they would also be cutting in half the support they've gotten from Capcom, Mistwalker, Koie, Bandai, etc.- support which is literally the VERY reason they have managed to maintain their success abroad. GAMES! Look at the original Xbox's TPD support and then compare to that of 360. I rest my case.

MS NEEDS Japan. That means NO DROPPING out (sorry guys).

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