Double Fusion's Runtime working on console games

Double Fusion has told that Runtime – the technology that allows adverts to be placed in completed games – is working on home consoles. The solution allows online-enabled content to feature new advertising after the developers have finished work on the game, doing away with the need for an integrated software development kit.

David Miller, director of business development and marketing: "Certainly with more and more consoles becoming connected and also users becoming more used to downloading content for consoles it becomes more interesting. One of the key points of Runtime is that it can be used once a game has already been released or once a developer has already been moved on."

"Console games tend to have an even shorter shelf life than PC games. It absolutely does work on consoles but it's a slightly different animal, so right now it's not the focus," he added.

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Excalibur4865d ago

I just can't wait.
Anything to make a buck, will we the consumer see a decrease in our game prices? NOPE!

Silver Bull3t4865d ago

Boy, I sure am glad they came up with that for consoles too!!! I was worried we wern't being pimped enough with $60 titles and miniscule free dl content... now we get to see decreased bandwidth and a backdoor into our systems so adverts can load, JOY indeed !!!