You don't know Metal Gear Solid 4: GamesRadar's 9 Revelations

GamesRadar writes:
"We know - that new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer (the one with the monkey in a diaper) hit a while ago, but we're sure you haven't watched it a few dozen times like we have. With Konami recently announcing that the game has been delayed to accomodate "further improvements", we're sure MGS4 will be the system seller the PS3 so desperately needs. Here we have the top nine revelations you missed in the latest trailer, which you can see below."

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4865d ago

That the rookie and the guy who is sh!tting in the barrel is JOHNNY'S SON!

ChaosKnight4865d ago

I thought Raiden just threw up... didn't think it was blood =P

HeartlesskizZ4865d ago

yes I dont think is blood.

Bonsai12144865d ago

i'm thinking that raiden somehow is mortally wounded and is forced to become cyber ninja dos. (duh)

and interesting, i never thought about eva and big boss having a kid together. who could it be?

xionpunk4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

Thats interesting about Vamp, being revived/contact with water connection. I Never put those together.

23478ueyur_9382234865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

Nothing in here was a "revelation" for me. These are either common knowledge items for anyone who follows the series, or things made completely obvious in the MGS4 trailers to this point.

Raiden's blood is white because he has artificial blood, Kojima had stated this some time ago.

And Eva and Big Boss didn't "have kids" (at least not in that sense). She is most likely the surrogate mother of the 3 Snakes.

HeartlesskizZ4865d ago

yes nothing new for me either. all I want is a hint of a apparency of the Great Ghost=THE SORROW =) my favorite villain(well not so villain). hopefully he will be around when it rains again and giving Snake hints just like MGS3 =)

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