Xboxer SWATTED by armed cops after online spat

The family of a 15-year-old Xbox player was raided by heavily armed police after a disaffected online opponent made a hoax emergency call claiming there was a home invasion in progress

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Wenis3679d ago

Can't the victim just give the police the gamertag of the person who did this to him? I'm sure they can contact MS and be able to find him pretty easily

Laxman2163679d ago

You'd think so. Or at least hope so, poor kid. Parents probably banned him from playing online so it doesnt happen again.

But still.. SWAT team? Thats pretty full on stuff!

ViserysTargaryen3679d ago

It happened on Live. 'Nuff said.

Lord_Sloth3679d ago

I doubt he remembers it.

Swiggins3679d ago Show
Jezuz3679d ago

Hmmmm, wasn't there an article on this already ?

SKUD3679d ago

Speaking of S.W.A.T, Where's 5?

LoneWanderer093679d ago

Trolling on the internet is one thing, but Trolling in real life takes it a bit to far