Who's Going to Lose: HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, or You?

This war between Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD is extremely nasty, as members from each camp throw barbs at each other. Unlike the console wars, which has Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo actually expanding the overall videogame market, this next gen DVD battle is not helping consumers, retailers or anyone not affiliated with one of the two sides.

John Gaudiosi of Kotaku spent two days in Los Angeles in Hollywood, Century City and Universal City checking out the latest BR-D movies and new playback functionality for BR-D players, including PS3. Execs from major Hollywood studios as well as Sony and Panasonic took time to talk about the format war.

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ThaGeNeCySt4863d ago

Companies competing for your dollar = Consumer FTW Always... unless of course money and exclusivity come into the picture *ahem*EA SPORTS *ahem*

blusoops4863d ago

*ahem* PARAMOUNT *ahem*

vgn244863d ago

I had to stop when the moron said, "The home entertainment industry is in turmoil with two competing formats, one backed by Sony (and others), the other by Microsoft (and others)."

Does this idiot know that Microsoft is in essence neutral? Toshiba is the major backer of HD DVD. This blatant ignorance is proof the guy is a fanboy and didn't actually research anything. Microsoft just had to provide a High Def option and they obviously were not going to license Sony's product. Does that mean MS is a HD backer?

*slow clap* for Kotaku

andy0014863d ago

LOL, Microsoft have never been neutral, ever. It is not in there DNA to be neutral.

Microsoft are backing HD DVD by subsidising their HD DVD addon and also providing cash for the mail-in rebate of 5 HD DVD movies and Heroes Season 1. It would not surprise me if they provided some of that money for the 'incentives' paid to Paramount and Dreamworks.

They want HD DVD to win because they will earn money on every single HD DVD movie sold, using their interaction software HDi. They also earn money on every single movie sold using the VC1 codec, as it is their technology.

As the Blu Ray group voted to use MPEG and MPEG4, as well as VC1, and they also chose to use a Java based Interactivity solution (we all know how much Microsoft like Sun, the developers of Java right?), Microsoft went over to HD DVD.

Microsoft will use whatever tactic they can, whether that is legal, illegal, fair or unfair, and only care whether it is good for Microsoft, not whether it is good for the customer. Surely you understand this? It has been proven over and over.

jaja14344863d ago

Care to prove the links/sources or your facts? Or you just spewing random crap because you hate MS?

andy0014862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

I don't hate Microsoft at all, but I think there needs to be a bit of a reality check for those people who spout all the nonsense about Sony being evil. Compared to Microsoft they are pu$$ycats (lol at the banned terms), and they are the underdog in this generation at the moment, primarily because of the controlled media FUD spread by Peter Moore and Microsoft, a prime example being the nonsense spouted on the ozymandias blog where he implies the PS3 will run slower and also have an external power supply. Read through a few more of his posts and you will see a pattern.

Here is a press release from MS regarding their VC1 and HDi interests.

Here is a link to the Microsoft HD DVD offer where they are giving away all the HD DVD movies;

Regarding the issues over conducting business unfairly, I think you will have no problems finding information regarding the anti trust rulings from both the states and the EU. Here is a quote from Wikipedias page on the US antitrust case showing how Microsoft is willing to threaten other businesses to get their own way "During the antitrust case it was revealed that Microsoft had threatened PC manufacturers with revoking their license to distribute Windows if they removed the Internet Explorer icon from the initial desktop"

Here is the link

Do you need any more links or information?

Capt CHAOS4863d ago

I'm just sticking to DVD.

Kuest4863d ago

And there we have it- DVD is good enough for me.

STICKzophrenic4863d ago

You took my answer.

I'm not gonna lose, because when (if) I make the jump to a High-Def format, it will only be after a winner has emerged. For now, DVD is perfectly fine for me.

fjtorres4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

Doesn't matter which side "wins", consumers already won.

Originally BD movies were to cost $50; HD-DVD brought'em down to $20-something, might still get them to $15.

Originally consumers weren't supposed to have a choice; we were supposed to get whatever the deal-makers in the smoke-filled rooms decided for us. Four new versions of BD later, we have a lot more features than the deal-makers wanted to give us and we may still get more.

If you like BD, be grateful that HD-DVD forced Sony and company off their collusion course; if you like HD-DVD be grateful Sony's negotiating tactics annoyed the HD backers enough to get into a price war.

Above all, let us hope the "war" continues for at least another year so BD can also get to $100 like HD-DVD. Let the freaking studios and electronics conglomerates bleed each other to death; we're the ones in the driver's seat now, not the deal-makers.

The format war is a G-O-O-D T-H-I-N-G for consumers.
Sit back and enjoy the ride, kids.

snoop_dizzle4863d ago

i really hope both drop the movie prices to that price, but i would go with 25 dollars or 20 a movie as well. Because i have been buying bluray, and am hoping to buy hddvd.

jackdoe4863d ago

Bad for those early adopters, but good for everyone else.

fjtorres4863d ago

...and Walmart today is selling a handful of HD-DVDs at $15 as part of their $99 HD-DVD player push.
So expect BD prices to drop to $20 soon even if the players aren't going lower than $399 any time soon.

Whoooop4863d ago

Everytime I see another HDDVD/Bluray article I just want to take a 10 pound CRAP on top of it.

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