GameInformer: Infamous 3 Wishlist

GameInformer writes:
"Sucker Punch has made strides toward making Infamous one of the PlayStation 3’s defining franchises. With two games complete, we can only assume the studio has already started planning the third installment. We don’t know what’s in store for the electrified hero in the future, but we looked at Infamous 1 and 2 to see what worked, what didn’t, and what needs tuning to come up with this spoiler-free wishlist for Infamous 3."

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himdeel4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

This is a pretty decent wishlist and I suggest fans check it out.

I agree that taking Coles powers away at the start of 3 would suck.

I do think branching powers from current ones would be nice.

I do agree and wish Cole was a little less sticky or you could hold x when you wanted him to attack to the nearest object and leave it unpressed when you just wanted him to fall.

I do wish the karma allowed you to change to evil mid game and still continue to access a path of powers.

It'd would be nice if they adopted a separate campaign for coop play or opened up the world for play with 1-2 friends using new conduits specific for the separate campaign but that begs the question why not just make a new game with new protagonist(s).

I do think Suckerpunch will have to adopt one of the endings from 2 as the official cannon for any game that directly follows after the events in inFAMOUS 2.

I want at least one more story with Cole and whether he's good or bad I don't care. This is one of my favorites games this generation.

EDIT: I'd take another game period from Suckerpunch with Cole or new conduits but I'd prefer to finish Coles story or see a prequel in Kesslers timeline.

limewax4479d ago

Main thing I want is some new climbing animations, The game is great, but I try to avoid climbing because I hate how he looks like a bounding mounting goat stuck on the side of a skyscraper.

Not knocking the games, both are great, just these animations break the immersion a bit for me.

pr0digyZA4479d ago

My wish is that there is an infamous 3

SilentNegotiator4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

Item #1
Don't make it.
Infamous 2 had 2 perfectly good endings with no correlation for a sequel. If anything, make a spin off, where you play another conduit, taking place somewhere during or between 1 and 2. (Edit: No wait.....not in between. That wouldn't make sense. That would be quite a short game, lol)

That's personally how I feel. I liked the way 2 ended (either way), and I don't want to see some silly forced continuation of Cole.

Item #2
Make climbing more intuitive. Stop making me press X so many times and make climbing faster so that it doesn't take me so long just to get to the top of a building.

Neckbear4479d ago

This. Really, this. inFAMOUS 2 ended pretty well, both in the Good and Evil endings. Don't screw that up.

sorceror1714479d ago

I agree that I2 tied things up pretty neatly. An I3 would seem tacked-on.

I did agree with the article, though, that you should have had at least an alpha rocket from the beginning.

unknownhero11234479d ago

If there is an Infamous 3, I want to see a new character. I2 wrapped up cole's storyline and I think it's time to pass the torch to someone else. As much as I like to continue cole's story, I think it would ruin how things ended in I2(the good ending anyways).

firelogic4479d ago

I want them to license an engine that will allow full environmental destructability. Imagine, shooting at buildings and having them get damaged, sending an ionic storm into a building and have it cleave in half, do a thunderdrop and create a crater where you fell, do a blast wave on a group of enemies and have them either crash through the walls or embed themselves into them.


Nixxes Software Can't Go Wrong With An Infamous Remaster

Nixxes' Remaster focus could set the stage to resurrect many obscure titles like the karma-centered, superpower-fueled sandbox of Infamous.

maniacmayhem79d ago

Infamous remaster? How about an Infamous re-Boot! This is one game that doesn't need a remaster, it needs either a proper equal of a reboot of the original. And since Sony is currently in development with Marvel, i can totally see them having guest marvel characters to appear in Cole's world.

BanginTunes78d ago

This is one of the worst things I have ever read

1Victor78d ago

I would prefer Warhawk or Starhawk ether or both will keep us fans happy for a looooooooong time

The_Hooligan78d ago

Warhawk would be awesome! So many good memories playing that game on PS3. They could do a massive 50v50 mode, battle royal with last Warhawk standing, classic 20v20 mode, so many options.

shinoff218378d ago

I'd rather infamous. Sonys got enough online bs in the pipeline. No need to add more.

1Victor78d ago

@shinoff I disagree with you both of those games was extraordinarily fun to play just the satisfaction of transforming your plane into a bot and stomp a enemy then transform and fly off on Starhawk was a experience that hasn’t been replicated since.
The game was extremely valanced to the point you could go against a tank on foot and win with the ratchet or 1 shot a plane doing a massive attack with your tank. In Warhawk you could pick up half your team and fly them to a base and take it over but those are experiences you had to play to know how awesome those game was even YouTube videos don’t do justice to those game.
Anyways I’ll stop here or I’ll run out of words to post a wall text taking about those games

Christopher78d ago

Here's the thing, infamous and *hawk are such different games and with different audiences that Sony could... do both at the same time? Nixxes doesn't need to be involved in the shooter (that would be new for them I think since they usually do SP games) but someone else could and Nixxes could share support with development/engine needs.

shinoff218377d ago


Ya know Christopher is right they are completly different games. Me personally I don't value online games I just don't care for them. Hell in another bubble I probably enjoy them. In this bubble nah I just prefer single player unless I'm playing Mario or Mario party with my girl and kids or something.

1Victor77d ago

@shin of course I know Chris is right but the games have to be approved first before assignment to a studio I didn’t mean this studio in particular making those game I meant the approval process and Sony harder push on MMO games.
I’m just one of the millions of players that loved those game and a top 800 word wide ranked on Starhawk and proud owner of its platinum trophy

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DankSinatra78d ago

A remaster would allow people who don't have access to a ps3 to experience the game since there's so many stuck on the ps3 that are exclusive to the console and Sony refuses to invest in backwards compatibility

darthv7278d ago

Who doesnt have access to a ps3? There were over 87m of them sold. They are cheap and easy to find. Just like wii and ps2.

shinoff218378d ago

Or maybe it's just not ready yet, ps3 was a different kinda animal.

DankSinatra78d ago


Not everyone is willing to go out and buy a ps3 for a single game or a handful of games when they have a ps4 or a ps5. A port or remaster would actually help. Younger audiences who did not grow up with a ps3 would have exposure to these games that Sony has essentially left behind on the ps3 due to them not investing in backwards compatibility. If they would do backwards compatibility then we wouldn't need to shill out more money for the same games. Something I actually applaud microsoft for (the only thing they have done that's good).

zaanan78d ago

Agree, and PS3 is getting long in the tooth, so failure rates will be going up. I had to send my slim in for repair years ago.

shinoff218377d ago

I had a couple extra dollars and came across I guy selling ps3s for 50. I bought all 4. Just felt it was a good deal. Now if I could find controllers. I swear I can't find any cheap controllers around me

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jeromeface78d ago

go back to marvel avengers, sounds like more your cup of tea

KwietStorm_BLM78d ago

You know what, now that I think about it.. yeah none of that makes any sense.

TheKingKratos77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Lol 😂😂😂

Christopher78d ago

Yes to a reboot, absolutely no to Marvel characters in it.

maniacmayhem78d ago

*either a proper equal of a reboot of the original. *

Damn, there needs to be an extension on the Edit feature.

"Either a proper sequel or a reboot of the original"

And people aren't with Cole interacting with cameos from Marvel? Especially with Sony making Spider Man and Wolverine?

Why exactly would that be a bad idea? Especially with the multiverse being a huge deal and all.

Christopher78d ago

***Why exactly would that be a bad idea? Especially with the multiverse being a huge deal and all.***

There's enough Marvel. Let's not spread it everywhere and let other IPs be their own thing. Please.