PlayStation 3 40GB Spider-Man Movie Pack Shipping $399

After speculation & finally an official press release, the new Sony Playstation 3 40GB model bundled with Spider-man 3 Blu-ray disc is finally shipping from for $399.99 with Free shipping.

Plus you get 5 Free Blu-ray movies after mail-in rebate with this purchase. Sales tax only in WA,ND,KS & KY states.

The 40GB comes with all the goodies you'd expect:

Blu-ray Disc player 1080p HD with HD upconversion to 1080p; Wireless Bluetooth controller, WiFi 802.11b/g; HDMI, 2 USB 2.0 ports. What you're missing: Memory Card reader and no PS2 backwards compatibility.

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PimpHandHappy4869d ago

they should have put a game in there also. Maybe something old like RFOM.

still a great deal for a blueray player that just happens to play games like


darthv724869d ago

would have been a better freebie. Considering the unit will get free movies anyway, why not include something to show off the systems controller like warhawk. It makes better sense to give gamers a game to play instead of watching a movie.

Bill Gates4869d ago

This will be like a PUNCH straight to the GUT for the 3FixMe....AHAHAHHAAHHAHA

Meus Renaissance4869d ago

I think some retailers are bundling a game with it.

lawman11084869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

They open the box and shove a game in there? Two for two fellas A crap movie for a crap system .

kreetah4869d ago

Maybe like Best Buy did with the HD-DVD add on list week. Three free boxed sets with the drive, you get to pick.

rofldings4869d ago

Wow. Reading some of lawman's comments makes me want to build a time machine and kill his parents before he's born. ;)

Stupid people shouldn't breed.

okcomputer4869d ago

They should have thrown resistance in there with it (still the best ps3 game by far imo) or motostorm for a non m rated game. Great deal either way though.

IntelligentAj4869d ago

I understand what Sony is trying to do but I would have much rather preferred a game instead of Spider Man 3(although this was a good movie). That being said I'll buy my games anyway

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The story is too old to be commented.