CVG gives 9/10 to WipEout Pulse

Crucially, Pulse has that rare addictive quality that makes you want just one more go before quitting - a promise you'll still be breaking an hour later. It's a game you'll always improve at, yet never quite master, and even when you've completed all the challenges and all the grids, there are still lap times and medals you feel you can beat.

Whether gamers who own a PS3 as well as a PSP will ignore this in favour of downloading WipEout HD from the PS Store is debateable. If you're still PS3-less, then Pulse is everything you'd expect from an awesome WipEout game - CVG can't recommended it highly enough.

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Hapimeses4873d ago

I'll be getting this for Christmas, no doubt about it. WipEout is a massive hit in our house; always has been.

crck4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

but I think I'll wait for wipeout HD.

killer_trap4873d ago

between mario galaxy,uncharted, ratchet(didn't get it yet),unreal assassin's creed and a couple of others i don't recall right now i just have no money and time to buy a psp game. i haven't bought one in ages, which is a shame cause there have been many solid games for the system.

companies should spread their releases a bit, this is getting ridicules.

skitzoid4873d ago

will be available for download on PSN?
I don't have a PSP.