Star Wars Galaxies Unloads New High-level Content

LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment announced Chapter 7: A Collection of Heroes for the Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG. The new content, available at no additional cost for Star Wars Galaxies subscribers, includes new content geared for high-level characters. Chapter 7 includes encounters with IG-88 and C3PO.

"The amazing amount of quest content we've been able to deliver in Chapter 7: A Collection of Heroes, and in the other updates we've delivered in 2007, is really remarkable," said John Blakely, vice president of development for Sony Online Entertainment. "So far this year, we've delivered nine new profession-based skill systems, new Rebel and Imperial content mission hubs, a new storyteller system for our role-players, new quest chains, and one of the most advanced pet systems found in an online game. Now, with the additional new features included in Chapter 7, we're incredibly proud of the increase in new game-play as well as the overall state of the game, and are looking forward to delivering even more content by year's end."

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BloodySinner4868d ago

I'm surprised they're not running out of ideas.

Twizlex4868d ago

How could they run out of ideas? It's Star Wars, man. They have like 30 years worth of story to draw from.

MaximusPaynicus4868d ago

I'd be more surprised that anyone still plays this abomination.

Twizlex4868d ago

My brother plays it. He quit for like 2 years because SOE totally f*cked the game up and made all kinds of stupid changes. Then they slowly began changing things back to the way they were, and now it's somewhere between absolutely horrible and whatever he thought it was in the first place.

Personally, I never was interested in it, but my brother talks about it enough. Really, though, MMO's aren't worth the money in my opinion.

Azures4868d ago

They aren't worth the money? How much does any crap movie cost to goto these days?

So cheap.

Twizlex4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

My point is that 99% of MMO's are PC-only, and don't offer a demo. So if you THINK you might like it, it's $40-$60 to buy it in the first place, and then if you like it, it's $15+ a month to continue playing it. You really have to do a lot of research and risk-taking to find out if the game would even be fun enough to play for months on end, and in my experience, none of them have been. MMO's start to feel like an obligation, like a job, and that makes them not fun. So, a game that isn't fun simply isn't worth my money.

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Zinny4868d ago

Just kill this awful game off. It's dead and Sony ruined it, they can't make a good MMO look at the matrix online that sucks too, look at everquest 2 again it sucks.
Thank god Lucas arts has some sence and hired Bioware to make the next Star wars MMO(If it is an MMO, not sure yet).

Azures4868d ago

Is it possible for an MMO to go lame duck? If so SWG might be approaching that lol.