It's official, Limbo is heading to PSN, Steam

It's official, Limbo is heading to PSN. The game will be available sometime next month, PlayStation's Twitter account informs: "Playdead founder @DinoPatti confirms that their masterpiece LIMBO is heading to PSN in July."

Update: A Steam release is also on the cards; Patti has confirmed that the PC version is in production alongside the PSN release. We can only imagine it'll want to target the July launch window as well..

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Nitrowolf24235d ago

Awesome. Loved the short time i played on 360 and heard great things about the game.

-Superman-4235d ago

"Xbox Exclusive" - Again, only time exclusive.

But its very great news again, more people can play it now.

Blacktric4235d ago

Exactly! ZOMG I can't wait for it! Day 1!

Pixel_Enemy4235d ago

I bought my 360 from a friend specifically for limbo and Alan wake because they are the only games I felt I was missing out on as a playstation only gamer. This news stings a bit since I bought a console to play it..

darthv724235d ago

that has to be the most over used word of this decade. And 90% of it in this very console generation (05-present).

Anyways...this is a great game. freaky but great. I say the more people play the more it will entice the programmers to one-up themselves.

Bring on a limbo 2 or something even more standout-ish.

thewhoopimen4235d ago

@darth72 The only term that's been overused and regularly abused is 'xbox Exclusive'. Microsoft has sabatoged this generation with wordplay by diluting the meaning.

DigitalRaptor4235d ago

Agreed. I swear gamers have changed this gen, and no proof is needed that it has stemmed from Microsoft and their influence on Xbox gamers over the years.

ChrisGTR14235d ago

this games not that good. i played it on 360 , it looks kinda like braid but its nowhere near as good.

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hamburger1234235d ago

How long does it take to finish the game ?

rezzah4235d ago

Doesn't matter, the atmosphere in this game is like no other (or at least very few out there).

Nitrowolf24235d ago

If this is directed at me saying "Short" i didn't mean it like that.

anyway according to some it can take somewhere between 1-4 hours (depending if your trying not to die and such)

GusBricker4235d ago

I think I beat it in like 3-4 hours.

malamdra4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

about 2 hours, but depends how good you're at puzzels

@lelo2play (below) they sure care about it when ME2 when multiplat

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lelo2play4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

Why is it when X360 exclusives go multi-platform, X360 fanboys normally don't give a sh*t.... but when PS3 exclusives go multi-platform, PS3 fanboys behave like the world is going to end?

As for Limbo, it's a great game in spite of being short. Everybody should try it.

GusBricker4235d ago

Probably because 360 gamers have already played the game. Whereas, PS3 exclusive usually went multi-platform before they were released and thus....

Redgehammer4235d ago

Because fanboys are idiots, and what they say should never carry any true weight, regardless of platform affiliation.

Nitrowolf24235d ago

Its like that for both sides

FF13 360, fanboys went crazy
Bioshock for PS3, fanboys went crazy
Insomniac multiplat game, PS3 fanboy went crazy
Mass effect 2 on PS3, 360 fanboy went crazy

4235d ago
BigPenguin4235d ago

I do not get the hate for bioshock2, the gameplay was improved from the first. And say what you will about the story, yah it did not blow any minds, but I sure as hell wanted to find my little sister.

kreate4235d ago

i agree with BigPenguin.

bioshock2 was good. combat and atmosphere was very entertai ing.
the problem i thought was that the game was too short, by the time u become a badass... ur already at the last level minimizing the time and place for u to use those creative powers. and .. the MP just sucked imo.

XRider4235d ago

You have a point 360 fanboys realy don't care about games going multiplatform. PS3 fanboys however go super nuts and start signing petitions. They start hating the game and devs the moment it goes multiplatform. N4G is a perfect example of how different the fanboys are. Best example, go to a Move article and you will find no 360 fanboys anywhere. Go to a Kinect article and it's 95% PS3 fanboys.

Fez4235d ago

Correlation does not imply causation...

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Redgehammer4235d ago

That is great that those of you that do not own 360's get a chance to play such a surreal and interesting game.

TBM4235d ago

cool news, but are going to get the same article(s) now that limbo is on PS3, PC that this proves exclusives are dead from that 360 site talking about Insominac Games?

i do have to try this game out when i get the chance is it looks very interesting to me.

theonlylolking4235d ago

Limbo is boring and horrible. I do not see what is so fun about Limbo. I would rather play angry birds than limbo.

Big Frank4235d ago

@ thewhoopimen

Seriously dude, get off your computer, go outside and get a life. I havent logged on in 6 motnhs to post, but your post so full of hate and butthurt that I felt compelled to tell you that only a loser would post something like that. Peace, and I wish you all the best.

Jaces4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

Broke down to buy this on LIVE and I'm not regretting it except for the fact that I could have had it on my console of choice...oh well, looks like I'll be buying it again.

These guys deserve the money though, it's such a great game.

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despair4235d ago

sweet, this was one game I really missed having an Xbox for.

opoikl4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

Indeed, I've been waiting for this very news post for a year now! So excited, lol

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NYC_Gamer4235d ago

now more people can enjoy

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