UGO: Battalion Wars 2 review

Kuju Entertainment revives the Battalion Wars franchise for a new generation with the aptly titled sequel, Battalion Wars 2. Don't let the cute characters and colorful environments fool you however: this is a war game with some serious depth.

An action RTS game, in each mission you control an ever-growing battalion of land, sea and air units, including foot soldiers, tanks, artillery, mortars, bombers, submarines and more. You are always in direct control of one unit - which can be switched on the fly - but much of the game involves managing your troops on the battlefield. UGO gives Battalion Wars 2 an overall rating of B.

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dstevens23234868d ago

Does this game have local multiplayer?

ChickeyCantor4868d ago

i remember reading that it also has a LAN mode

Wii60PS3DSPSP4868d ago

Dunno i'd rather just have a regular Advance Wars game like the GBA/DS games but with 3D graphics for the Wii, but i'd rent this at least to try it out.

Brainiac 84868d ago

I'm saving it as a purchase during the regular games lull next year.

it looks great too, especially since you can battle others online with it.

TruthbeTold4868d ago

I've had this game for a few days now, and it's alot of fun. The thing about it though is if you don't have Wi-Fi, you'll definitely not have as much fun. The computer campaign while very fun seems like little more than a warm up/learning experience for online battling. It's a great little game, with very decent graphics, personality, and gameplay, but not very ambitious. I think the score given it is right on.