Insomniac Proves Exclusives Are Dead

360 Magazine: Sony’s loss is Microsoft’s gain as Insomniac Games finally goes multiplatform. Insomniac has revealed that it’s first major new IP for years will be bucking the trend of Sony exclusivity and making its way to the Xbox 360.

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Why o why3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

'Insomniac Proves Exclusives Are Dead'

really? it!


'No, it means they are making less and they are becoming less important to the industry as a whole.'

No what it is is that the goalposts have been moved in order to make people now think they are dead. Sorry mate you're fooling nobody. Look at how many articles are popping up about ms's lack of exclusives and shift towards the casuals, couple that with a 7 month gap in a retail exclusive that isnt kinect....Just add 3rd party exclusives to the 'title' and all is fixed.

Dailynch3373d ago ShowReplies(28)
Dailynch3373d ago

Thanks very much The Beast. I am indeed one and the same :)

Persistantthug3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

You might wanna go back to the drawing board with your article here, sir.

Edit in...
Btw...I'm sure gonna be enjoying my 3rd Party DUST 514 exclusive while you continue to write future misleading articles.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3373d ago

There's a gaping hole in your logic.

One instance does not constitute a representative sample.

Insomniac building a multiplat doesn't prove anything except that they want some of the 360 market.

nycrekid3373d ago


Grow a brain before trying to write something. You are making a fool of yourself.

MysticStrummer3373d ago

On the one hand I'd say you shouldn't admit to being the writer of an article with such a ridiculous premise. One the other hand, congrats for getting hits, which I'm sure an article with such a ridiculous premise will do. Lastly, you're wrong. It's delusional articles like this, among many other things, that make me glad I support Sony.

badz1493373d ago

1 multiplat and exclusives are dead? c'mon, no one could be THIS stupid. I think you're just hit whoring with this! I really hope so because if not, I think you're a brain-dead!

MaxXAttaxX3372d ago

They're very much alive with PlayStation and Nintendo systems ;)
And no, they're still pretty important. Stop trying to decrease the value of these games just because you're envious.

In fact- Insomniac themselves are working on 2 PS3 exclusives at the moment and have confirmed that they will continue to support those PS3 exclusives.

You said that your point was that every developer will be multiplatform....
Maybe you guys at don't know what first-party studios are LOL

Without exclusives, there would be no point on having multiple consoles in the market.

Your argument is dead :)

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fluffydelusions3373d ago

So I guess that means Sony 1st parties are no longer making exclusive games /s

Dailynch3373d ago

No, it means they are making less and they are becoming less important to the industry as a whole.

Godmars2903373d ago

And that's why Bungie jumped ship: for fear MS would grind them into irrelevance with endless Halo titles.

Pixel_Enemy3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

"No, it means they are making less and they are becoming less important to the industry as a whole."

LMAO. Wow the delusion is thick up in here! Remember when Uncharted 2 won like 50 game of the year awards two years ago? Well Uncharted 3 says HI! Sony's first party studios are LEADING the industry. Pushing boundaries, raising the bar and advancing their tech.

Just because COD sells the most doesn't mean it is leading the industry. COD is recycling their engine over and over and over. Their engine is stale and they don't care to make a new one because fans are buying it anyway.

badz1493373d ago

"No, it means they are making less and they are becoming less important to the industry as a whole." mean that they will make less games and make more sandwich instead? have you seen recent and upcoming PS3 exclusives list? I guess not!

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3373d ago

"No, it means they are making less and they are becoming less important to the industry as a whole."

You're bloody delusional.

evrfighter3373d ago

loved your article Dailynch

Not sure if you're new here but children will be children. Pay no mind to the rabid fanboys foaming at the mouth.

Good Luck to you and thanks for the great insightful read.

zag3373d ago

If you had read about their up coming game release and it's going to be multi plat a year or 2 ago you'll see they see it as a test of concept not a we are going multi plat forever.

it's not even for the money

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Just_The_Truth3373d ago

funny cause they have two more exclusives coming out for ps3 this year. It's a flamebait article period. They do realize it's coming out on the ps3 too right? They get one of game from a third party studio and they go crazy. Also Ps3 owner can say the same about bungie execpt bungie was the only good devs MS had imo. Now if they were making an exclusive that would be news this is just some fanboys wetdream blog.

Dailynch3373d ago

But that's the point. Next-gen, there's a chance almost all games will appear on every console. From a business perspective, for the devs, it makes way more sense to have your game on three consoles and not one. It's important for a game to get the biggest audience possible. Look at CoD, on two systems it sells way more than it would if it were exclusive.

GamerSciz3373d ago

@Dailynch You are forgetting one key factor. Making a multiplat game that doesn't suck on every other platform besides the main one takes time and money. Only AAA games will make a profit for the devs. Otherwise unless the game sells like crazy it takes more money to make it multiplat (more people working on different engines)

Dee_913373d ago

@Dailynch "there's a chance almost all games will appear on every console. From a business perspective, for the devs, it makes way more sense to have your game on three consoles and not one. "

.. what exactly would be the point of having .. different consoles if they all have the same games ..
like really dude do you think before you type this crap up ?

jdfoster003373d ago

What about LIMBO ??? LIMBO has just been officially announced by Sony that it will arriving on psn... Does 360 have any exclusives left that are northing to do with disney land or cookie monster?

Denethor_II3373d ago

"Next-gen, there's a chance almost all games will appear on every console."

When you look at all the bells and whistles of each console there's only one choice you can make, and that is what games can I play on it.

Jdoki3373d ago


What a crock!

You're looking at this from such a narrow point of view.

The argument that launching on 3 platforms gains more sales than launching on one could be true in many cases, but it ignores so many factors.

Sales are not the important thing... Profit is!

If a dev has to put together a bigger team (therefore paying more wages, needing larger premises etc) to launch on 3 platforms they may well sell more, but are they guaranteed a greater profit than having a smaller team work on one platform?

Throw in that many devs will get financial incentives from a console manufacturer to launch an exclusive, and all of a sudden cross platform may not be the best bet (especially for a dev launching a new IP).

If all games were launched on all consoles what would be the point of multiple consoles? Sony and MS and Nintendo may as well throw in the towel and just produce PC's!! A console needs a unique selling point. For some people that may be Kinect or Move or a WiiTablet, but for others the games are the differentiator - so the console manufacturers will ALWAYS needs devs to build exclusives.

And, as a side point, there will ALWAYS be devs that have a vision that may only be capable on a particular console - for instance LBP would never have been doable on the 360 because of Microsoft's approach to user generated content.

Knuxxx3373d ago

While I do agree that exclusives aren't dead, I have to say I think I like the idea of there being NO exclusives. There'd be more focus on hardware and Sony would have to answer for the price on theirs while Microsoft and Nintendo would have to answer for their poor hardware choices(lack or features, faulty hardware, ect)

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BubbleSniper3373d ago


Resistance 3 says what's up.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3373d ago

So do Infamous, Uncharted, Forza, and Gears of War.

Oh! And Mario, Zelda, and Metroid.

EVO-OM3GA3373d ago

" Look at how many articles are popping up about ms's lack of exclusives and shift towards the casuals, couple that with a 7 month gap in a retail exclusive that isnt kinect....Just add 3rd party exclusives to the 'title' and all is fixed. "

Sorry I had to comment about this part of your comment, all those so called articles regarding MS and lack of Exclusives and whatever else, were either Opinion pieces or Articles from no name sites.

Where I agree exclusives are needed, lets face a very sad fact that 3rd party titles have sold the most this gen if we dont count the wii games and also third party titles have been far more innovative than alot of first party games this gen.

Anywho good luck to insomniac, I look forward to seeing your new IP

Why o why3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

'Anywho good luck to insomniac, I look forward to seeing your new IP '.... the only thing you said i agree with.
The rest goes without saying. Of course 3rd party games would sell more than exclusives baring a few games but all devs teams dont need to hit those cod type numbers for their game to produce profit or make a sequel or other project viable. You dismiss these opinions of no name sites......Well, what do you think? you think ms have enough exclusives or dont they get you excited. If you're the latter then i could see why you'd downplay little sites opinions but to many of us, especially the types that visit gaming sites on a daily basis DO care about exclusives, im NOT a soccer mum or some casual gamer off the street who doesnt know an mmo from an IN this industry up to my neck lol so what concerns me is nothing to them. Too many people keep acting like they're closer to the type i mentioned than my type or worst still some kind of accountant or financial beneficiary of games going multi and selling a trillion. We're gamers

Heres a litmus test. Just tell a 360 fan that gears is coming to the ps3 or that mgs 4 is going to the 360 and tell me people dont care when you see the replies...whatever man

There will be less games like yakuza, Valkyrie chronicles and the like, no doubt but that doesnt mean they'll all disappear and i know you didnt imply that either

The 'happy fact' is that most of the GOTY's HAVE been exclusive...that innovation angle you've thrown up is a little silly as there are just that many more 3rd party games than exclusives but there are many more duds too and that would be your opinion which from what you've stated doesnt count for much because you're a no name commenter which has LESS credence than a no name site....right..just kidding but you know what im saying

TBM3373d ago

i'll just say this WHEN THE FIRST PARTY STUDIOS GOES MULTI then exclusives will be officially DEAD.

what i retarded article and to the people who believe this also you're really simple minded people.

2fk3373d ago

yea i know =/....Exclusives identify the console

when i think about 360 i think about gears, halo, etc

and when i think about ps3 uncharted, resistance, god of war, heavy rain, killzone, etc. come to mind

guys we need exclusives....what would be the point of buying both ps3 and 360 if there are no exclusives.

the_best_player3373d ago

Insomniac Proves Exclusives Are Dead For 360 (FIXED)

Whackedorange3373d ago

Forza and Halo franchise says HI

skrug3373d ago

Bungie Proves Exclusive Are Dead For 360 (FIXED)

Redgehammer3373d ago

I thought all it proves is that a company has the right to try and make money, and its easier to do that if you sell your "wares" in more than one place. I personally don't care about exclusives, I would rather as many people as possible play an awesome game, and the developers make as much money as possible. That is just me though, I know some people associate worth with exclusivity of titles, I just don't relate to that mindset. However, I am looking forward to checking out Insomniac's game though.

zinkabass3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Since third party games are mostly multiplats, the things that are most relevant in terms of product differentiation: are exclusive IPs, first party developers and product price point.

Exclusives today matter a lot more, when deciding which system to get in a way,.. from a consumer standpoint,..

And give me back my bubbles you easily offended 360 bastards,..

Playstation !!!

Redgehammer3373d ago

Maybe if you did not go out of your way to be offensive you might have bubbles. Your apparent desire to troll 360 articles caught up with you. We should be able to act civil toward one another; regardless, of console affiliation. You do not act that way, so you only have yourself to blame for lack of bubbles.

madpuppy3373d ago

If there were no more exclusives then choosing a console would be easy, which has the lowest TCO and that is definitely NOT any console made by MS.

Simon_Brezhnev3373d ago

I guess this is the new trend for 360 focused sites. All they do now is report about what Sony is doing or trying to make them look bad before they worry about Kinect.

Redgehammer3373d ago

Is one site a trend? I prefer my journalism to be slightly less subjective (and with less subject-verb agreement errors), and will not support an Xbox 360 site that slings mud to get hits. I would be surprised if anyone disliked Sony more than I do, but I will never take that out on fans, or users of its products. I respect the PS3 due to its technology, and recognize that it is a worthy machine. I just wish we all got along as disciples of video games; regardless of our gaming preference.

Christopher3373d ago

So don't get the premise for this article.

Insomniac makes both multiplatform and Sony exclusive games... therefore exclusives are dead?

marinelife93373d ago

360 owners can only hope that they are dead. They are missing out on some great games.

Redgehammer3373d ago

That is subject to opinion. I would love to play the campaing of UC, but that would mean I had to own a Sony product, and that I just will not do. If Sony has great exclusives, then that is fantastic for its users. I am happy with the content, and services that my console of choice provides, and do not feel like I am missing out on anything.

Aarix3373d ago

ALL Single Console Owner is Missing Out on Great Games

Parapraxis3373d ago

You are missing out Redgehammer.
Your loss, and I laugh at it.

mastiffchild3372d ago

@redgehammer-you'd "never" buy a Sony product even though you're dyuing tolay some of their games and yet you think you're not missing out? I'm puzzled in so many ways about that.

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Jaces3373d ago

Wait what? We lost something? Oh, they just went multiplat? Ok no biggie.

hiredhelp3373d ago

if there wasnt exclusives, why the need for more than 1 console as we be playing the same game?

the_kutaragi_baka3373d ago

lol,Sony there's ton more exclusive goodness planned...

nycrekid3373d ago

This article proves that good gaming journalism is dead.

Narutone663373d ago

The same way that MS is saying console with high percentage of defect is ok.

subtenko3373d ago

More M$ 1st party devs have either completely jumped ship or switch to multiplatform than Sony. and only Insomniac has went multiplat from sony. we shouldnt count the metal gear franchise since that was on nintendo

Either way sony still owns. The xbox360 guy who wrote this article probably doesnt know he's saying sony has an edge over M$ and he's not supposed to do that, it'll blow his cover! but he said it himself! LOL

showtimefolks3373d ago

now exclusives are dead.

just move along people nothing to see but a troll article

Why o why

you are so right with everything you said

JsonHenry3373d ago

I guess they finally wanted a piece of the larger market.

Legion3373d ago

First off the move of Insomniac to go multiplatform in no way ends exclusive developement. If that was the case then we should have been talking this talk when Mass Effect went multiplatform.

Secondly, even if exclusives were found to be rare then it doesn't mean the death of either console. We have many different PC manufacturers, we have different DVD companies and they don't have exclusive films. I am sure that the console market could survive if games were created without exclusivity. Console companies would just need to make sure their extra features made their system worth the price. (i.e. Sony Bluray and PSN, MS Xbox Live and Marketplace)

Lastly... is anyone really caring about Insomniac going multiplayer? I for one am not looking forward to their games coming to Xbox 360. Not even on my Radar.

joab7773373d ago

This article proved nothing. Like bungie, insomniac wants to make a great online experience for both systems. In this year of all years, u cannot declare exclusives dead, and they will exist as lomg as console owners want them to. They will simply pay to have games made for their system. I do believe though that the age of exclusivity being the major difference between consoles is coming to an end. Consoles will begin to be more original offering different experiences, probably increasing exclusive output. Harscore gamers will b kept happy but differences will become more and more apparent. For example, if u buy battlefield 4 on the ps4, u will get an mobile version for vita.

evilunklebud3373d ago

Exclusives are moot... just own all the platforms!

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3373d ago

Exclusives show off the power of the console. if there's no exclusives, then the console doesn't stand out.

Sorry, that's the way it is.

DeadlyFire3373d ago

OMG Really? facepalm. One game which was said to be mulitplatform from the start and exclusives die? Hmm... Interesting, but I still see them on the horizon. What is this Resistance 3 on PS3? Very strange. I thought they were dead!

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Godmars2903373d ago

With a game we've yet to really see, much less play or get sale numbers on.

Nitrowolf23373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

There are swarm of first part exclusive that say other wise and along with a few good third parties. Title should add Third Party.

Zir03373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Insomniac Proves Sony 3rd Party Exclusives Are Dead


Those would be 1st and 2nd party exclusives :)

Any remaining Sony 3rd party exclusives (games not published by Sony) will be making the jump to 360 in the coming months.

Fobia3373d ago

....Dust 514, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Sucker Punch's new IP, Quantic Theory's new game, Last Guardian, ModNation Racers, LittleBigPlanet, StarHawk...3rd Part Exclusives are dead? Then what are all those games?

Nitrowolf23373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Uncharted Is first Party,
LBP is also from first party but thats because Sony bought them afterward.
Last Gaurdian is also First Party

But the rest are pretty much 2nd party until they release a multiplat or finish their Sony Contract

CGI-Quality3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, ModNation Racers, StarHawk, The Last Guardian, & LittleBIGPlanet are all Sony owned IPs (and Sony owns Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, & Team ICO).

Regardless, no Insomniac does NOT prove exclusives are dead and misleading articles like these are becoming far too plentiful on the site. Sony & Nintendo will always have a HUGE 1st/2nd party dev catalog and next gen won't change any of that.

To conclude, Uncharted, Killzone, inFAMOUS, & Resistance will NEVER be on an Xbox, just as Halo, Forza, Fable, & PGR will NEVER be on a PlayStation.

jdfoster003373d ago

You forgot about Sony santa monica studios new IP and Guerilla Games new IP...

Why o why3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

i knew there'd be a day i'd agree with ya Zir0, i just knew it;)

Sony also stated something along those lines too a long time ago. Its why they put more effort into creating games and acquiring dev studios to create more exclusives.

@ Dailynch

...i cant find your Bungie prove exclusives are dead article..Its not even debatable whos loss was greater. Losing 2 from ten isnt as bad as losing 1 from 3 if you know what i mean mate

CGI-Quality3373d ago

Thus proving this article shouldn't be taken seriously with an obviously biased agenda behind it.