RAGE goes 'behind the scenes' -- new video

The 'making of' videos for id Software's Rage have kicked off. Titled "The Legacy of id," this first one kicks off the 6-part series and goes all the way back to the studio roots and how they pioneered the genre.

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BeastlyRig2761d ago

wow id used pc games to do a sh!t load of inspiring for the industry!

now we have to many shooter..

EazyC2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

I hope this is more like Fallout 3 than run of the mill FPS action, albeit one with great graphics. I suppose time will tell.

I'm on the fence, though. From watching this video, the I notice RAGE tends to veer towards the latter,, with a LOT of combat. I hope there is a big exploration element.

I've definitely got this one on the radar though, it looks spectacular!

zero_cool2761d ago

Every other game studio in the gaming industry that's under delivering or wants to improve should be taking notes because they can learn a lot from john carmack & his amazing team at id software so they can start making games of this caliber too!

Corrwin2761d ago

You know what would be great?

If Rage goes "Released"!

Hurry up already! Rage was revealed the same year as Borderlands.

likedamaster2761d ago

Rage multiplayer = a missed opportunity.

DigitalRaptor2761d ago

RAGE's multiplayer = unique to the genre and all they really need.

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